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Maman on the Trail is a Kingston, ON based blog that is owned and operated by Monica Miller (bio). Maman on the Trail chronicles the big and small adventures of myself, my husband, our little boy and our dog as we delve into the world of parenting, on and off the hiking trail. Blog posts include product reviews, anecdotes, recipes, tips & tricks and giveaways. And topics range from hiking and camping to cloth diapering, breastfeeding, babywearing and other eco-friendly lifestyle choices. My blog’s tagline is “Hiking. Camping. Parenting.” but it’s much more than that!

I am also the founder of the Kingston, Ontario chapter of a much larger organization called Hike it Baby.  Hike it Baby is a parenting group designed to get parents outside and on the trails with their children of all ages in a safe and supported way. I currently lead approximately 3-5 outdoor events a month for groups of 2-25 people that are part of our 1000+ member Hike it Baby branch. The international Hike it Baby community has over 170,000 parents spread out over 310 branches, 19 of which are in Canada.

Services offered by Maman on the Trail:

  • Product reviews (product and/or compensation in exchange for an honest review);
  • Giveaways (preferably associated with a review, but alternatively hosted on social media);
  • Sponsored posts (product and/or compensation in exchange for a feature post);
  • Social media promotions (product and/or compensation in exchange for promotions on up to 4 social media channels);
  • Multi-sponsor collaborations (large giveaways, gift or product guides, etc.)
  • Advertising on the blog (side bar or end of post ad placement);
  • Advertising in newsletters (ad placement in RSS feed newsletter mailed out 3 days/week with published posts);
  • Brand representation (product in exchange for frequent, honest anecdotal social media posts);
  • Bilingual reviews (one post written in English followed by French).

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Maman on the Trail’s Media Kit

Maman on the Trail's Media Kit (01.08.2017)