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Dandelion Cookies: a Herb Fairies Recipe

Dandelion Cookies Herb Fairies Recipe_Title_Square - mamanonthetrail.com

Spring is in the air…can you feel it? Do you know what that means? The Herb Fairies Book Club* is open and you can join right now! But first, let’s bake some cookies! In the next few weeks, depending on where you live, you’ll start to notice dandelions popping up all over the place. Don’t pull them or mow them… Read more »

11 Reasons Your Family Needs to Read “Herb Fairies”

11 Reasons Your Family Needs to Read Herb Fairies - square image - box set and herbs - mamanonthetrail.com

If you are anything like me then learning about the natural world is of great interest and sharing that knowledge with your children is of great importance! I own so many books about wild edible plants, plant identification, National Parks, animals, etc. – but do I have time to dig into them? No. Are they accessible to my toddler? No…. Read more »