Odds & Ends

Maman on the Trail's Odds & Ends

Everything that doesn’t fit into the other categories is in here! Think of it as Maman on the Trail’s proverbial junk drawer.

Odds & Ends include…

Eats & Treats

Family-friendly food for on and off the trail. With a tendency towards peanut- and gluten-free recipes!

Parenting & Adulting

When are you officially an adult? Does someone hand you a certificate? And at what point in time do you become a parenting expert? Do you ever? I’m new to both adulting and parenting, so I’m not a professional and this is experience not advice!

Being Green

If you spend enough time in nature, you gain an appreciation of its strength and its fragility. Here are some of the ways we can pitch in to keep green spaces green!

Canine Corner

There was a hiker who had a dog,
and Kirby was his name-i.
And Kirby was his name-i.

Take Over Tuesday

Welcome to the Take Over Tuesday guest post series. This is where I feature posts by fellow bloggers and outdoors enthusiasts. Do you have some expertise or a great story to share? Consider submitting something to the Humans of the Outdoors series or contacting me directly.