About Me

“You need special shoes for hiking — and a bit of a special soul as well.” ~ Terri Guillemets

Meet Monica a.k.a. Maman on the Trail

Welcome to the blog! I’m assuming you didn’t arrive here by accident and you have come because you are passionate about hiking, camping, parenting or all of the above? Or maybe you did come by chance, in which case welcome, and I think it’s time to work on your internet navigation skills!

As I’m sure you have already guessed, I’m a maman (French for “mommy”) and I have a pretty intimate relationship with the outdoors. Before becoming maman to Huckleberry in December 2015, I was an avid hiker and camper and lover of the outdoors. My husband, Jeff (a.k.a. Bookworm the Trail Dad), and I had also dipped into the world of backpacking (which, let me tell you, is not something to “dip into” for the first time while pregnant). So, continuing that lifestyle as we journey into parenthood, and instilling that love for nature in our children, is of utmost importance to me. Down with the epidemic that is nature-deficit disorder!

While on maternity leave, for most of 2016, I found myself with lots of time, to hike and camp and learn, and an incessant need to feel productive and share, share, share (needs that were once satisfied by work). And, as I’m sure you’ve already concluded, I discovered that blogging (and leading a local branch of Hike it Baby) were exactly what I needed to quench my thirst and keep me actively outdoorsing (yes, that’s a verb) with purpose!

But, all good things come to an end and I have just returned to work full-time, teaching French to little ones, after my year-long maternity leave. So now, I am finding a balance between working, parenting and outdoorsing, while also striving towards a more minimalist and eco-friendly lifestyle. I hope you’ll join me on this journey!

On my blog, you’ll find: anecdotes of everyday life, on and off the trails; tips and tricks for getting outdoors with little ones; reviews of products that I love, ranging from cloth diapers to a hiking pack for your dog; recipes, giveaways and so much more!

I should also take a moment to tell you that I am NOT an expert. I am simply a new maman with a few passions and some extra time on her hands. I write from our experiences, and those experiences, although at times exhausting, are not exhaustive. I am as much a reader as I am a blogger, if not more so. And I am always seeking better: better ways of doing things, better gear for getting outside and better resources to share. I would love to hear about any of those from you! Be it by commenting on a post or contacting me directly! And if you would like to share tales from your trails, please consider submitting your story to the Humans of the Outdoors series.

Anyway, without further ado, come join Maman, Bookworm, Huckleberry, and our dog Kirby, as we take on the trails in Kingston, Ontario and beyond. Laugh with us, cry with us, learn with us and maybe even hike with us along the way!

Happy trails!