Fleece Maternity and Nursing Hoodie: Boob Design Ready Flex Review

Mmmmm, who doesn’t love snuggling up in a cozy fleece hoodie on a chilly day? Fleece is a big part of our outdoor adventure layering system and going without is not an option! But finding fleece that allowed for easy and comfortable breastfeeding access AND room for my growing bump was not an easy feat, BUT I did it with the help of Figure 8 Moms! Read on to learn about Boob Design’s Ready Flex Maternity and Nursing Hoodie…

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I am all for investing in high-quality versatile gear – equipment and clothing that will last through many seasons and many adventures – and maternity and nursing apparel should be no different. However, the amount of clothing in those two categories that serve a single purpose drives me crazy! I want maternity clothes that I can hike in, breastfeeding tops that fit my pregnant belly, nursing & maternity clothes that can be worn beyond those stages of my life. And Boob Design offers just that!

This line of maternity & nursing apparel is made to last, with discrete openings and adjustable widths so that you can wear them beyond your pregnancy and after your breastfeeding journey has come to an end. I have gotten more use out of my Boob Design Fast Food Tankini than any other swimsuit I’ve owned and it shows the least wear and tear. So, when given the opportunity to try out more of their apparel, I wasn’t going to pass it up.

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I live in this Ready Flex Fleece Hoodie – and I mean LIVE in it! I wear it pretty much every day, and pretty much everywhere. It fits well under my jacket and over a tank or tee, it’s not too hot or bulky, it looks great with jeans or hiking pants, and serves me well on and off the trail. The zippers up the sides make room for a baby bump, and the discrete nursing openings make it easy to breastfeed anywhere. The pockets are super handy, and the hood is oh-so-cozy. And the thumb holes? Well, let’s just say I LOVE THUMB HOLES! I’ve worn this while pregnant and not, when needing to nurse and not, and plan to continue wearing it well past our breastfeeding days – it’s cute and comfy and keeps me cozy!

This hoodie has been a gamechanger for me – from the early days of this latest pregnancy last spring, through the chilly evenings camping in Northern Ontario over the summer, into the fall in my third trimester, since then while nursing the new babe, and beyond.

The Star of the Show: Boob Design Ready Flex Fleece Maternity & Nursing Hoodie featuring…

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  1. Clever double layer fabric design over the bust, allowing for discreet and comfortable nursing
  2. Deep, lined slits on each side with zips to adjust the fit even during pregnancy
  3. Built-in cuffs with thumb holes to keep your hands warm
  4. Practical sleeve pockets to hold your cell phone or wallet
  5. Generous back pockets for tissues or other things
  6. Extra length in the back keeps you warm even when sitting outdoors
  7. Large hood to can come up over a ponytail

*NOTE: I’ve got the same hoodie in the same size (M) in two different colours.

What I love about my Boob Design Ready Flex Fleece Maternity & Nursing Hoodie:

  • It is so versatile! The fact that I can wear this hoodie while pregnant or not, while breastfeeding or not, while hiking or not is HUGE in my books! I like gear that will see me through all seasons of the year and of life.
  • It is so comfortable! I don’t get too hot in it, I find it fits well and fits over and under all sorts of other clothing. I honestly wear it a ton because it is so comfortable, lightweight & breathable!
  • It isn’t bulky! This is important for me – I need clothing that layers well, can be worn with a backpack or baby carrier, with or without a hat or ponytail, and I need to be able to shove it into my pack when I’m not wearing it – this hoodie passes all of those tests!
  • It is ridiculously simple! This probably sounds like a weird statement, but I need my clothes to be simple. I’ve gotten tangled in nursing hoodies before, I struggle with those armpit vent zippers on my jackets, and some pockets I simply don’t use because they confound me. This hoodie, though, is easy-on & easy-off, and all of its features are easy to access & use.
  • It supports my active lifestyle! Finding maternity & nursing apparel that is designed for HIKING & CAMPING moms is not easy. You can find the odd running apparel, and there’s a ton of yoga wear out there, but those of us that hike & camp are often left to make do with streetwear or a yoga outfit. But this hoodie is perfect for everything that I like to get up to!
  • It is sustainably made! “Sustainability and wholesomeness are at the heart of Boob’s identity. Their garments are 100% OEKO-TEX certified. This means you have the reassurance that they have been fully tested for harmful and illegal substances. Boob is also a GOTS-Certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) company. This means that all stages of production from cotton cultivation to finished product are monitored to meet stringent social and environmental standards. When you purchase a Boob garment, you are also making a choice for social responsibility. All Boob product takes place in Europe, and Boob works closely with their producers to ensure a clean, safe and fair workplace for all.”
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What I would change if I could:

  • It is discontinued. Seriously, I was so bummed out to learn that Boob Design is no longer making this incredible sweater. But there are still a few out there, so if this sounds like the perfect garment for you, GRAB IT NOW!!
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You can shop this Boob Design Ready Flex Fleece Maternity & Nursing Hoodie in Red (XS) or Black (L) at Figure 8 Moms on sale right now – seriously, grab one before they are gone! While this top is not widely available any longer, the Boob Design B. Warmer Organic Nursing Hoodie or Boob Design B. Warmer Organic Nursing Sweatshirt are both comparable – made for nursing & maternity, made with breathable fleece, great for on and off the trail, and they come in a variety of colours.

What piece of maternity or breastfeeding apparel has been a gamechanger for you?

DISCLAIMER: I received this item at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own. I am an affiliate of Figure 8 Moms and earn a small commission from purchases made through my affiliate links.

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