Catching Up with 2019: a New Year’s Post

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Happy New Year! Welcome to 2019!

The theme this year is “Catching Up” – both literally and metaphorically. I mean, we’re a month into 2019 and I’m finally getting around to this 3rd annual New Year’s post…and based on the fact that I posted on this blog less than twice a month for the whole of 2018, I have some serious catching up to do! Read on to learn about all of the catching up I plan to do here, and how the theme of “Catching Up” will play out in our lives…

Catching Up with 2019 (title) -

Oh, and if you’re curious about our annual intention-setting, check out “Hiking into 2017“, “Wandering into 2018” and Setting & Keeping Intentions Part 1 and Setting & Keeping Intentions Part 2.

Reflecting on 2018…

My intentions for 2018 were all about creating new habits and shifting our mindsets – I wanted to cultivate a life with more balance, reflection, enjoyment, minimalism, spontaneity, and me time. I had 6 intentions that I spent the year working on and thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and triumphs that I faced with each. One of my catching up tasks is to write a post about each one of them and “How” of it all. I’m looking forward to those posts!

Until such a time that those posts are written, here are a few highlights of our intentional journey of 2018, sorted into seasons…

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Winter 2018

  • We got outside in sunshine & ice storms but also embraced the increased time inside when we weren’t up for the outdoors and didn’t let that add guilt…striving for balance!
  • We listened to our bodies (a.k.a. the growing babe inside mine & the ever-changing toddler opinions) and lowered expectations in order to enjoy our time outside more…taking time to reflect!
  • We let Huckleberry make a lot of the decisions about where to go, what to do, what to pack, how long to be out for, and embraced his choices wholeheartedly…enjoying the ride!
  • We planned less and ultimately did more because our schedule was more open…remembering that less is more!
  • We had more time in our schedule thus freeing us up to be a little more spontaneous – and that whole listening to our bodies thing made it so that we were constantly adjusting & changing plans, based on whether or not we were up for an adventure on any given day…planning for spontaneity!
  • I started booking massages every 3-4 weeks to take care of me and guarantee some quality “me time” AND after an outdoor education trip with one of my classes, I finally took the leap and signed up for Forest School Canada’s Forest & Nature School Practitioners Course…finding myself and being me!
Catching Up with 2019_1 (easter egg hunt while camping) -

Spring 2018

  • I recognized that my work-life balance was very unhealthy and not conducive to growing a tiny human, so I advocated for a much-needed stress leave to take care of us better...striving for balance!
  • I started journalling regularly and incorporating yoga & meditation into my daily routine as often as I could…taking time to reflect!
  • We made the most out of what could have been a disastrous Easter camping adventure by starting new outdoor egg hunt traditions, adjusting plans & expectations, and keeping our chins up despite wild weather…enjoying the ride!
  • We went a little greener and set some new goals for next Earth Day in our journey towards minimalism…remembering that less is more!
  • We got into geocaching which allowed us to kick our adventures up a notch & find new places to explore…planning for spontaneity!
  • I found a new passion & a new way to take charge of our health when I discovered Young Living Essential Oils. It’s also finally a viable way to finance my blog & big dreams (forest school, travel, time & financial freedom)…finding myself and being me!
Catching Up with 2019_2 (mom and toddler tending to bonfire) -

Summer 2018

  • We found a happy balance between trying to get outside as much as we could without overdoing it in the crazy heat and finding enjoyable family activities to do in the air-conditioning (at home, at the library, at the Aquatarium, in the car, etc.)…striving for balance!
  • We slowed way down, recognizing that’s what we needed as a family, and worked hard on communicating our feelings, needs, and expectations with one another…taking time to reflect!
  • We soaked up every last drop of our last summer as a family of 3, giving Huckleberry lots of undivided attention, and more and more say in how we spend our time together…enjoying the ride!
  • We decided that one camping trip was all we could handle, and I feel like because we only camped once we somehow managed to enjoy that one trip way more than we’ve ever done before…remembering that less is more!
  • We planned our big annual Parks Canada camping trip with plenty of extra travel time so that we could detour to our hearts’ content on the way there and back and loved every second of it…planning for spontaneity!
  • We put some big plans into action to cultivate the life we want – in starting a Young Living business, starting my Forest & Nature School Practitioners Course, and making some other big family & personal decisions toward change…finding myself and being me!
Catching Up with 2019_3 (family of 4 hiking) -

Fall 2018

  • We welcomed a new Trail Baby and are still trying to figure out what quality family time outside looks like with two little ones…striving for balance!
  • We pretty much spent the entire year evaluating how things went and changing our ways for the next time – with a growing belly & a growing toddler, every outing was a completely different experience…taking time to reflect!
  • We (I) struggled to let go of the Frontenac Challenge this year and opted for the #HikeCRCA Challenge instead, but made the most of the cooler temperatures and how good it felt to get my body hiking again after a summer of being hot & pregnant…enjoying the ride!
  • We said “No” to a lot of things so that we could say “Yes” to what matters most to us – family time, simplicity, nature…remembering that less is more!
  • We did a lot more “letting things unfold” than usual as we didn’t want to plan too much around Trail Baby’s due date nor did we know how I’d be feeling, and this left room for last-minute plans…planning for spontaneity!
  • I spent a lot of time preparing myself for the natural home birth that I wanted – I got deep into birth affirmations, essential oils, other preparations and it filled my heart with so much joy…finding myself and being me!

For a broader look at our intentional journey over the past year, you’ll need to head to Instagram and check out #mamansintentions or simply my feed, on the whole, @mamanonthetrail.

Catching Up with 2019_7 (toddler hiking down rugged trail) -

Looking to a new day, a new week, a new month, a new season, a new year…

Every time the sun sets we get to press a little reset button and try to make tomorrow a better day. This is no different when it comes to the start of a new week, month, season, or even year. And so on January 1st, we pressed a little reset button again and are looking forward to making 2019 even better! We’ve learned so much but have so much learning yet to do!

Setting intentions for 2019…

Embracing the shifts we felt over the past year and having well-established routines and rhythms based on last year’s intentions, we’re feeling really good about the work we’ve done and how far we’ve come as a family. This year, in light of that whole “Catching Up” theme, we really want to refocus our attention on family + nature. We want to work on those relationships, catch up with one another more, listen to one another more, be with one another more. We are looking to get more in tune with each other & more in tune with nature.

What does it look like to catch up with FAMILY?

Catching Up with 2019_9 (family of 4 in car) -
  • Planning more adventures just the 4 of us (or 5 if you include the pup)
  • Engaging in more planning/deciding as a family (vision board, trips)
  • Aiming for less screen time in general (~zero for the kiddos)
  • Setting tech-free times each day (5pm-8pm)
  • Planning 1:1 time for each of us, or “dates” (just parents, parent + kid, etc.)
  • istening to each other’s needs/wants & adjusting expectations
  • And so on…

What does it look like to catch up with NATURE?

Catching Up with 2019_8 (toddler stomping in mud puddle)
  • Celebrating seasons & seasonal changes (solstices & equinoxes)
  • Embracing the Lunar Calendar (via the Kids’ Moon Club)
  • Incorporating more “Forest School” activities into our adventures
  • Curating more weather-appropriate gear for us adults, so that we can truly adhere to the “There’s no such thing as bad weather” adage
  • Slowing down a little more and appreciating our surroundings
  • Learning more about our local flora & fauna
  • And so on…

Continue to follow along on our journey of setting and keeping intentions by checking out the hashtag #mamansintentions on Instagram.

Celebrating the New Year – 2019…

We rang in the new year at our family cottage – with a first day hike, lake skating for the first time, and lots of hot chocolate. We definitely got off on the right foot by embracing this season and the joys that come with it.

We are so excited to see what the rest of 2019 will bring for us!

Catching Up with 2019_6 (toddler peaking into tree) -

What about you? How did you celebrate? Big plans for 2019? Have you set intentions?

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