11 Reasons Your Family Needs to Read “Herb Fairies”

If you are anything like me then learning about the natural world is of great interest and sharing that knowledge with your children is of great importance! I own so many books about wild edible plants, plant identification, National Parks, animals, etc. – but do I have time to dig into them? No. Are they accessible to my toddler? No. Well, all of that is about to change with LearningHerbs’ 13-book adventure-filled learning series, Herb Fairies*!

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Storytelling is such an important way to pass down generations of learning to our children – and plant medicine is no exception. Even if you know nothing of healing herbs and plant medicine, you and your family can jump feet first into a magical world where you will learn together the healing powers of 13 different herbs that you can find in your own neck of the woods! Read on for 11 reasons why your family should grab the Herb Fairies books* and start a learning adventure together…

11 Reasons Why Your Family Needs to Read “Herb Fairies”*

1. Book One is FREE!

Yes, you read that correctly. The first book in this 13-book series, Stellaria’s Big Find*, is FREE! Download it right now*, fall in love, and then order the rest of the series* so you can take your family on a wild herbal learning adventure!

“Book One: Stellaria’s Big Find”* – Imagine the excitement of four children playing in the park when they discover a real, live fairy. Not just any fairy, but Stellaria, the chickweed fairy. Chickweed is one of their favorite healing plants and it turns out Stellaria was looking for them. She needs the children’s help to restore the fading magic in the Fairy Herb Garden. When Stellaria takes them to her fairy home, the children find that restoring the magic means facing a troll. Can they figure out how to use chickweed to heal the troll’s ailments? Will they be able to solve the riddle to guess her name?

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2. It’s more than a book series, it’s a LEARNING SYSTEM!

Turn bedtime into an adventure in nature school as your children will learn about 13 different herbs, ways to use them, why they are important, and more! And don’t forget to engage in the suggested hands-on learning activities, because that’s where the real leaning will happen! Herb Fairies* is way more interactive and fun than any book on herbs you’ll find in the reference section of your nearest bookstore, I can tell you that!

3. You and your child(ren) can learn TOGETHER!

Herb Fairies* will be even more exciting for your family if you’re all in it together! Parents can get involved by reading the books with their children and helping with the fun and simple herbal preparations, slipping easily into the role of “herbal mentor”…even if you have no herbal experience.

11 Reasons Your Family Needs to Read "Herb Fairies - an herbal learning system for kids - mamanonthetrail.com

4. These adventure-filled books will EMPOWER your child to learn about herbs AND stay healthy!

Herb Fairies‘* relatable characters, magical adventures and hands-on activities will pull your child into a world of herbal learning that will inspire and empower them to want to learn more, try their new skills, take charge of their own health, and continue to lead a healthy nature-centred life. This exciting and accessible book series will take your entire family on an adventure with learning that will surely last a lifetime!

5. You will foster a deep CONNECTION to nature!

I should probably have put this point higher on the list because it is one of the biggest selling points for me! There are so many ways that we, as parents, can foster a connection between our children and the natural world and this book series encompasses a lot of them! The Herb Fairies* stories will encourage hands-on learning, using nature in everyday life, exploring nature and looking at it a little differently, perhaps as a magical place or a medicinal resource, a place where adventures can happen, a source of joy and health, and something we need to take care of.

6. Both GENDERS and a variety of AGES are represented in the stories!

Herb Fairies* stars four friends, 3 girls and a boy, ranging in age from 12 right down to 5, that go on all sorts of fairy-finding, riddle-solving, plant-searching, herbal learning adventures together. Each of your children will surely identify with at least one of the characters and these books will grow with your children. They may even inspire your children to create their own tales based on their adventures and experiences out in nature!

7. These books TEACH plant identification, how to safely use herbs and other valuable LIFE SKILLS!

Not only will you and your children learn about plant identification and the use of healing herbs, Herb Fairies* also teaches your children about friendship, teamwork, compassion, trust, joy, respect, and so much more! Plus, the glossary at the back of each book will help with learning vocabulary, and the riddles will help teach memory tricks and will use your children’s problem-solving skills.

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8. Your family will learn about more than 13 DIFFERENT HERBS!

Each of the 13 books in the Herb Fairies* series focusses on one healing herb but touches on a few other medicinal or edible plants throughout the pages. When you access the follow-up activities via the Magic Keeper’s Journal and other online content for each book, you will dive deeper into each herb with recipes, hands-on activities, puzzles, songs, colouring pages, magazine articles and more!

The main herbs covered are as follows: chickweed, violet, lemon balm, plantain, chamomile, calendula, marshmallow, burdock, elder, pine, rose, cinnamon and finally, dandelion.

9. All 13 books are connected to weave ONE BIG TALE!

Each of the 13 Herb Fairies* books has a story of its own, but they’re all connected to tell the much bigger story of a time when the plant magic was fading from the world. These stories teach in multiple ways, and by the end of the series, your child will be a keeper of plant medicine magic. They can even create your own journal of the thirteen plants covered in the series, recording their medicinal uses and experimenting with your own herbal preparations.

10. There is so much BONUS CONTENT!

The Herb Fairies* series comes with a Magic Keeper’s Journal to record their learning, recipes for each herb, a colouring book and a parents’ guide, a copy of Herbal Roots ‘Zine with each book with recipes, puzzles, stories, activities, songs and more, audiobooks for each book, an e-book about herbal remedies for children during cold & flu season, plus access to an incredible online community!

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11. You can access these books online AND receive a hard copy box set!

If you want to save 40% and be green, you can choose to access the books online-only. If you’re like me and love the feel of a paper book and the look of a collection of your shelves, then take advantage of their 7th-anniversary celebration and grab a beautiful hardcopy box set!

The Herb Fairies* book club only opens up once a year and today is the day! This book club will stay open for just one week, so don’t delay and purchase the series today*! Don’t forget that you can download a copy of Book One FREE* to get a closer look at Herb Fairies series – and then grab the whole series before it’s too late!

The book club closes on April 19th, 2018.

If you want to learn more about the Herb Fairies* series and healing herbs, then sign up for the FREE webinar* taking place on Thursday, April 19th!

11 Reasons Your Family Needs to Read "Herb Fairies - free webinar to grow your herbal family - mamanonthetrail.com

Here’s a little more on that…

Do you want to know the secret to empowering your kids to be healthy? To integrating healthful herbs into your family’s life? Kimberly Gallagher from LearningHerbs will show you how in a FREE webinar*. It’s called…Growing Your Herbal Family: Fun & Delicious Recipes for Parents & Kids*

Kimberly will share recipes like:

  • chickweed pesto, violet salad and dandelion cookies
  • a plantain poultice to help with summer owies
  • elderberry syrup for colds & flu … and lots more!

So, are you ready to grow your herbal family? Click here* to sign up!

What is your biggest reason for wanting to learn about healing herbs with your kids?

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