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Nursing on the trail can be tough! Finding somewhere safe and comfy to sit and having seasonally appropriate apparel suited for both breastfeeding and an active lifestyle have been my biggest challenges so far. But I have found solutions to BOTH of those challenges now! Wahoo! Read on to find out how I solved those two issues…

After discovering the joys of a backpacking hammock and how I can ensure that I always have a safe, dry and comfortable place to nurse my son, and finding the perfect warm weather nursing bra and tank top for hiking, the only challenge I still faced when nursing on the trail was WINTER! I looked high and low, far and wide, to find the perfect top for winter nursing on the trail. I know that merino wool is the best material for a base layer, and we wear merino wool all year long, but to find merino wool that I could breastfeed in seemed nearly impossible! It seemed like I would have to wear something other than wool next to my skin (which defeats the purpose of wool) or I would have to bare my belly with each trail side nursing session (umm, no thank you!). It seemed that way until I discovered Green Rose Merino Wool Clothes!

Green Rose Merino Wool makes merino wool clothing for THE ENTIRE FAMILY! Babes, kids, moms, dads – with sizing from preemies through to teens and adults, they’ve got your family clothed! They make rompers, onesies, bibdanas, hats, t-shirts, leggings, pyjamas, base layer sets, breastfeeding tops and nighties, and more! And they ship worldwide.

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Both Trail Dad and I received a merino wool base layer set (long sleeve top and leggings) from Green Rose Merino Wool to test out on the trails. My top comes equipped with one-handed easy-to-open nursing access so that I can finally nurse comfortably on the trail all year long! And my what a relief that is! I honestly can’t wait to sleep in this top while camping and both of our base layer sets have seen near daily use all winter long. They’ve held up against the -30ºc polar vortex temperatures and kept us comfortable under just our windbreaker layers in +5ºc. There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing – and these Green Rose Merino Wool  base layers are just what we needed to tackle any weather that some might call “bad”!

P.s. If you don’t need a nursing-friendly top, there is also a women’s 2-piece set.

The Stars of the Show: Green Rose Women’s Merino Wool Nursing Top & Leggings and Men’s Merino Wool 2-piece Set

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What we love about our Green Rose Merino Wool Base Layers:

In General:

  • They are made of 100% certified merino woolMerino wool has SO many benefits, especially for families exploring the outdoors. It helps regulate your body temperature, no matter the outside temperature (summer and winter!). It resists stains and odours, can be worn multiple times without washing, is flame-resistant and dries quickly, and oh-so-soft and comfortable…
  • They are super soft and comfortable! Seriously, I can’t think of a material I would rather have right next to my skin! If you associate “wool” with itchy, scratchy, too hot, please don’t make me wear it, then you haven’t tried merino wool! I urge you to outfit your whole family, head to toe, in clothing made from merino wool!
  • They are excellent base layers! These tops and leggings are thin enough to fit under jeans and other synthetic base layers and don’t bunch up anywhere, thus making them perfect base layers!
  • They are accurately sized! Shopping online for clothing can be hard, but using the sizing chart available with each article of clothing on Green Rose’s site, you can be sure you’ll receive clothing that fits! Both Trail Dad and I are happy with the fit of our base layers.
  • They don’t stretch out with wear! We received these base layers just before Christmas and have been wearing them a lot (I probably shouldn’t tell you how much because…) and we haven’t washed them yet. They show no signs of wear and tear and have not stretched out anywhere – not the knees, not the ankles, not the bum, nowhere!

Women’s Merino Wool Nursing Top & Leggings:

  • Finally, a merino wool top I can nurse in! Need I say more? Soft moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating merino wool against my skin and Huckleberry’s cheeks while we comfortably nurse no matter the weather, no matter the season, no matter where we happen to be.
  • The nursing opening is discreet and functional! The overlap for the nursing opening is wide meaning that tucking in your shirt won’t unintentionally expose your breast (I’ve had that happen with another top!). You can easily slip open just one side, and expose no extra skin in chilly temperatures. It’s also easy to do with mittens on!
  • The leggings have wide ankle cuffs! This is true of the men’s leggings too, but I had to say something about why I love my leggings. The wide cuff makes it comfortable in boots/socks and keeps the pant leg in place – no riding up and exposing skin in the snow!

Men’s Merino Wool 2-Piece Set:

  • The leggings have a roomy reinforced crotch! Trail Dad once owned a pair of merino wool boxers, they probably weren’t all that well-made to begin with, but he wore them on the trail twice before wearing a hole in the inner thigh. That will NOT happen with these leggings as they have a roomy double-layered section sewn into the crotch making them both comfortable and durable.

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What we would change if we could:

  • Everything could be a little longer. I love sleeves that come over my hands, a hem that falls below my bum, leggings that I can hike up a little for more leg room, and a wide waist band that comes up to my belly button or past – especially for base layers! But unfortunately, the sleeves and legs are exactly the right lengths, and although the shirt is long enough and waist high enough that overlap/tucking can happen, I just want more!
  • They aren’t made in Canada. I would lovely to be able to support a local merino wool brand with my nursing apparel purchases, but unfortunately, no local brand makes such a piece and so we had to look elsewhere.

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If you’re interested in shopping for some merino wool for your family, you can find a list of international online shopping options here. Shop before the end of March and you can take advantage of 15% off of your very own merino wool nursing top from Green Rose Merino Wool  using the code “ONTRAIL”. If you’re interested in leggings, try your hand at the giveaway below!

Merino Wool for Nursing Moms - COUPON Use Code _ONTRAIL_for 15% off green rose merino wool nursing top -

The links in the post above all lead to the UK site, as it lists all of their products in English, but the company is actually from Lithuania. 

Where would you nurse your little one if you had a Green Rose Merino Wool nursing top?

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Win a pair of leggings from Green Rose Merino Wool by entering the giveaway below!

One lucky reader will receive a pair of leggings – men’s, women’s, kids’, any colour, you choose! All you have to do is follow the intructions on the widget directly below this text. There are ways of getting extra entries into the giveaway, but those are not mandatory. This contest is open worldwide and closes at 11:59 EST on Thursday, March 8th, 2018. Good luck!

Green Rose Merino Wool Leggings Giveaway

Terms & Conditions: Open worldwide, 18 years of age or older. Confirmed winner(s) will be contacted via email and have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be drawn. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Prize fulfillment is the responsibility of the sponsor(s). Canadian winners must successfully complete a skill testing question. For questions or to see your product featured on Maman on the Trail blog contact Monica at

Disclaimer: I received these items at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own. 

12 thoughts on “Merino Wool for Nursing Moms

  1. James

    Wearing the right thermal base layer can make all the difference in your winter snowmobiling experience. Going out on the coldest of days will no longer deter you once you’ve invested in the right next to skin layer.

  2. KD

    I would nurse anywhere, really! My little one already nurses anywhere — this would just keep me warmer. 🙂

  3. Bailey Wilson

    My little guy is not so little and mainly nurses for comfort at night now, so I would wear a nursing shirt in bed as a pj top.

  4. Theresa H

    If I won, I would definitely use the nursing top while camping this summer; we love to visit our state parks, and now our first little one arriving in May will be able to join us!

  5. Kim D

    Probably use it on one of our local trails or maybe while at the cottage. I love merino wool clothes and am already wearing my nursing shirts all the time so this would be the best of both worlds!

  6. Nicole

    I have a few pieces from Green Rose and really love them. The nursing nightie was a game changer for me!

    Another game changer? Half zip merino base layers can be worn for nursing.

    1. Monica Post author

      You’re not the first person to mention half-zip tops…but ugh I cannot stand the zipper on my chest!! So then I’d end up wearing another layer underneath defeating the purpose.

  7. Brian Hwang

    Well, my wife would be the one using it and we hike with our little ones almost every weekend. We love heading to Kananaskis as often as possible so she’d probably use it to nurse on the trail, on the mountain, wherever we go!


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