Kid Casters: No-Tangle Fishing Pole Review

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Kid Casters- No-Tangle Fishing Pole Review -

I received these items at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own. 

Ever since I published the guest post “10 Things to Know Before Fishing with Kids” by Adam from Cast For Fish, I’ve been itching to fish with Huckleberry. I can vividly remember my first fishing experience as a child, in the Muskokas with my uncle. It was so fun and so rewarding and I’ve enjoyed it since then. I wanted to give that to Huckleberry – to teach him a little patience, a quiet activity, a lifelong skill. We don’t fish often, or at least we didn’t until this summer, and we’re definitely not experts, but that doesn’t matter. Now that we have a family cottage, my dad has gotten into fishing a lot more regularly and has reeled us into it too. And thanks to some great kid-friendly fishing poles from Kid Casters, it has become a great activity that the whole family can get into while we’re spending time together on the dock. And let’s just say we’re learning nothing of patience!

Kid Casters- No-Tangle Fishing Pole Review -

Fishing from the dock at the cottage is like shooting fish in a barrel! It’s crazy! Honestly, we used the cute plastic casting plug all of about two times, because we noticed the fishing nibbling on that. We drop a hook in the water, sometimes without a worm, and before you can say “go fish” you’ve got one! This has made it a hoot to get the little ones fishing because there is no waiting, no frustration and lots of chances to practice casting (or dropping the line) and reeling. Huckleberry (20 months old), his cousin M (18 months old) and his cousin A (almost 3 years old) all had a great time catching the fish but VERY different reactions to being near the fish. Huckleberry was indifferent, then curious, then willing to touch a fish. M wanted to grab the fish immediately and had to be held back while we grabbed the fish safely. And A stayed as far away from the fish as she could. We’ve also had a few of my cousins’ kids fish with us using ourKid Casters fishing poles and they had a blast too. They are 2-5 years of age, some with ice fishing experience.

Kid Casters- No-Tangle Fishing Pole Review -

Of the 3 different Kid Casters poles that we tried out, our favourite by far is the Tangle-Free Telescopic Combo (we have Paw Patrol). We LOVE that the line is inside (yes, inside) the pole making it nearly impossible for it to get tangled – super kid-friendly! And we love that it retracts to less than a foot and a half in length, making it easy to take along on hiking and paddling adventures! I would even consider getting a few more for us adults, simply because they are so easy to use and so compact!

And if Paw Patrol isn’t your thing, that’s ok because there are poles available with so many of your child’s favourite characters: Minions, My Little Pony, Ninja Turtles, Dora, Sponge Bob, Hello Kitty, Alvin and the Chipmunks and more! Kid Casters‘ mission is to get America fishing again. According to them, “Starting kids on fishing early, means they are equipped for a lifetime of fun, enjoyment, & the endless rewards that come with an appreciation for the Outdoors.” So grab a tangle-free pole* and go fishing!

The Stars of the Show: Kid Casters No-Tangle Fishing Poles featuring…

We reviewed 3 different fishing poles, they are ranked here in order of favourite, with best-use listed.

BEST FOR ADVENTURES: Tangle-Free Telescopic Combo – Paw Patrol

  1. Telescopic pole that extends to 29″ and retracts to 17″
  2. Snap swivel “hook” for easily attaching hooks, with adult supervision
  3. Rod with tangle-free design, 6-lb line is inside the rod
  4. Eye-hook to attach snap swivel when not in use, also the threading wire storage compartment
  5. Plastic safety hook, for safely and easily attaching casting plugs, practice lures, and more.
  6. Spincast reel with 3.1:1 gear ratio
  7. Easy-to-grip handle for small hands
  8. Plastic casting plug

Kid Casters- No-Tangle Fishing Pole Review -

BEST FOR TODDLERS: No-Tangle Fishing Rod – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

  1. Snap swivel “hook” for easily attaching hooks, with adult supervision
  2. Rod with tangle-free design, 6-lb line is inside the rod
  3. Plastic casting plug
  4. Patent pending sponge fish training lure
  5. Eye-hook to attach snap swivel when not in use, also the threading weight storage compartment
  6. Plastic safety hook, for safely and easily attaching casting plugs, practice lures, and more.
  7. Spincast reel with 3.1:1 gear ratio
  8. Easy-to-grip handle for small hands

BEST FOR OLDER KIDS: Regular Fishing Kit – Paw Patrol

  1. Snap swivel “hook” for easily attaching hooks, with adult supervision
  2. Regular rod, 6-lb line is alongside the rod threaded through eyes
  3. Plastic casting plug
  4. Spincast reel with 3.1:1 gear ratio
  5. Easy-to-grip handle for small hands

What we love about our Kid Casters Fishing Poles:

  • They are so easy to use! I find fishing gear a little overwhelming but these kid-friendly poles are so simple and easy to use, that my toddler can pretty much do it himself. There are no bells and whistles to make fishing complicated, just some features that keep it straightforward and fun.
  • They are designed for kids! Characters they recognize, lightweight and simple design, safety features galore, the perfect size – Kid Casters Fishing Poles were designed just for kids!
  • They are safe to use (with adult supervision)! The snap swivel and plastic safety hooks make it easy to attach other accessories without needing to involve hooks. The plastic casting plugs and sponge fish training lures mean that young children can be “play” fishing while adults actually fish and no one is going to get a hook in the eye.
  • They are so much fun! We honestly have had a blast each time we’ve had them out, whether on the dock or at the campsite. It has added yet another incredible dimension to our time outside as a family and has given Huckleberry’s grandparents a really easy way to engage with him while outside.
  • They can be used by toddlers up to adults! There is absolutely nothing about these fishing poles that makes them unusable by adults, they are simply safe for children. We’ve all taken turns using them, with success, and honestly I feel no need to have an adult-sized fishing pole for the little fishing that I get up to. This way we can all share!
  • They come with educational accessories! First of all, the plastic casting plugs are genius – Huckleberry can learn to cast and no one gets hurt. But it’s the patent pending sponge fish training lures that impress me the most! They look like little paper sachets that you attach to the plastic hook, cast them into the water and then the paper dissolves and a sponge fish “appears” on the end of the line. Best part? They are 100% green and biodegradable and come in a variety of shapes to mimic what real fish look like: Bass, Crappie, Blue Gill, or Trout.

Kid Casters- No-Tangle Fishing Pole Review -

What we would change if we could:

  • The tangle-free rods are not the easiest to re-thread. We absolutely love the tangle-free design and wouldn’t change that, but we’ve had the line break once and it took 3 of us to re-thread it. The re-threading weights or wire are stored under the eye-hook in a small compartment, but it takes steady hands and some patience to make the magic happen. you can find re-threading instructions here.

Kid Casters- No-Tangle Fishing Pole Review -

Fishing season is not over yet! And neither is sale season! Grab some kid-friendly fishing poles from Kid Casters for about $20 each, and teach your children a lifelong skill and another way to enjoy the great outdoors! If you would like to support my blog with your purchase, at no extra cost to you, consider shopping through*.


At what age did you start fishing?

Kid Casters- No-Tangle Fishing Pole Review -

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22 thoughts on “Kid Casters: No-Tangle Fishing Pole Review

  1. David Trevedi

    I am pretty much of your excellent work. We need to learn our baby fishing training from childhood. If we give them proper train up from the childhood period I think they would great angler in future time.

  2. stacey mccrary

    I can remember it like it was yesterday and I’m 46. Very fond memory. We lived in Florida and my grandfather and uncle took me to a fishing contest/kids contest and I actually won! We fished off the causeway and I remember the bridge opening up letting the big sailboats and barges head out toward the ocean. It was so much fun.

  3. Saundra Bowers

    I was eight when my Dad woke me early for fishing trips. He had rigged a butterfly hook with line and a hook in the middle of the boat so I just unwound and put line in water. Otherwise, from shore we had the long cane poles.

  4. Marie Kozloski

    I never went growing up. My first experience was when I was in my 20s. I loved it. My children and grandchildren now all love fishing, too.

  5. Shata Huffman

    I wanted to go fishing the first time my biological father brought home fish and filleted them in the backyard. Unfortunately he was more interested in taking my brother so the first time I actually went fishing (not just playing with a fishing pole in a pond) was with my step-dad. I was 10 and it started a lifelong love of fishing and a great bond with a wonderful dad! Now I have girls of my own both under 2 and while we’ve had them out on the lake with us they have yet to do any fishing. Soon I hope!

  6. Jennifer P.

    Love this!! I started fishing when I was about 6 years old, with my dad, my uncle and my cousin. I miss those days out on the boat with them.

  7. Ashley morel

    I think I was around 8 or 10 when I first started fishing, even though I lived right across the road from a lake, my parents were not that into it. My son started last year at 2.5 years!


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