Back-to-School with gogoBags (+Giveaway Aug 26-Sept 9)

Back-to-School with gogoBags -

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I know this post has “back-to-school” in the title of it, but let’s pretend that isn’t happening, okay? I want the summer to go on forever. I want more hikes, more camping, more road trips, more boat cruises, more sleepovers at the cottage, more picnics. And hey, I can use reusable snack bags through all of those activities, so who needs back-to-school? But alas, the summer is coming to an end and let’s face it, the stores have been posting “back-to-school sale” signs since mid-July. So here we go…

Back-to-School is a time of new clothes, new shoes, new school supplies, new classrooms and new teachers. All of that “new” comes with a cost though, and unless you’re shopping at a secondhand store, it’s not very sustainable. Sometimes new can’t be avoided, but new can be eco-friendly if you know how to shop for it. One of the ways that you can upgrade your back-to-school routine in a green way is with some reusable snack and sandwich bags from gogoBags. And the best thing about snack and sandwich bags from gogoBags is that you can use them for way more than just back-to-school!

We spend a lot of time on the go. We hike, we camp, we picnic, we cottage and we drive to all of these places. We eat on the trail, at the campsite, on picnic tables and grassy lawns and in the car. And we use our gogoBags for all of that! It makes sense in our eco-friendly cloth-filled life that we would try to use reusable products wherever we can and our gogoBags fit in quite well.

Back-to-School with gogoBags -

In all of our adventures, big and small, we are working hard to foster independence in our son and surprisingly, the reusable snack bags we’ve used in the past went against that. Zippers and Velcro are not conducive to little hands, but the fold-over closure on gogoBags makes it easy for little hands to get in and out, without letting your lunch tumble onto the ground. If my toddler can easily get at his snacks when we toss him a gogoBags snack bag in the car or on the trail, then your preschooler or kindergartener (and up) will handle it well at school!

Our gogoBags have allowed Huckleberry to learn to pack his own snacks, too! Get your kids involved this school year, have them pack their own lunches or at least help you with it. Heck, if they practice enough they could even help pack your lunch for work! Saving you time and money!

Back-to-School with gogoBags -

As I head back to school as well (I’m a full-time elementary French teacher) I’m gearing up for meal prep and packing lunches myself. I love that these bags help me reduce waste, prep ahead of time (apples don’t brown!) and save money. Beyond the snack and sandwich bags, gogoBags also makes Fresh Bags allowing me to chop up fruits and veggies on the weekend to enjoy in my lunches all week long. Anything that keeps our days moving smoothly and saves us a little time here and there is a big win for us! And if it saves us money, in terms of less plastic bags purchased and less food wasted, then I’m definitely game!

The Star of the Show: gogoBags Snack Set (Snack & Sandwich Bags) featuring…

Back-to-School with gogoBags -

  1. 100% unbleached cotton lining.
  2. Fold-over closure that lets little hands in but keeps snacks from falling out.
  3. Fun prints to make eating healthy on the go easy and fun!
  4. 2 different sizes for snacks and sandwiches.

What we love about our gogoBags Snack & Sandwich Bags:

  • They are eco-friendly! Using reusable cloth snack and sandwich bags reduces waste in a number of ways. First of all, these bags are handmade in Canada – they have not travelled far to get here and are not made in a resource-sucking factory. Secondly, using them allows you to buy food in bulk instead of individually packaged, thus further reducing waste. And thirdly, well, read on for the rest…
  • They are built to last! gogoBags‘ products are built to last up to 5 years, making it possible to replace the approximate 2,880 plastic bags that a family with two children will use over a five-year period. Think about all of the plastic that won’t end up in landfills! All of the money not spent on plastic snack & sandwich bags!
  • They keep food fresh! You might think that food won’t stay fresh if it isn’t sealed with plastic, but that’s not the case at all! These bags are magical, I promise you! They will keep your crackers crunchy and your sandwich soft. They will even keep sliced apples and pears from browning for the day!
  • They are accessible to little hands! My biggest complaint about our zipper and Velcro closure cloth snack bags is that Huckleberry needs help to open them and tends to spill the contents all over the place. The fold-over closure on these bags make it easy for little hands to get in, but hard for clumsy hands to spill.
  • They are easy to care for! Simply machine wash warm and tumble dry low! And, if I’m putting the same clean-ish contents in the bag the second day in a row, I simply turn the bag inside out to let it air dry before filling it with goodness again.
  • They are made in Canada! All of gogoBags‘ products are handmade in Vancouver, BC – I love supporting small Canadian businesses!

Back-to-School with gogoBags -

What we would change if we could:

  • They can require a little maintenance. And I’m not against a little maintenance…but it makes them a little less quick and easy when I have to iron the flaps down every few washes. I suppose if I were a little more organized, I could grab them out of the dryer and lay them flat. However, in all honesty, sometimes the laundry sits in the basket a few days…am I right?

Back-to-School with gogoBags -

Are you gearing up for back-to-school? Wanting to make your work lunches a little more eco-friendly? Looking to leave-no-trace on the trail?

Well, then get shopping! If you’re in Canada, you can shop gogoBags at (but stay tuned, because they are coming to soon!). And if you’re in the States, you can shop while supporting my blog at*.


Which back-to-school snack are you most excited about?

Back-to-School with gogoBags Giveaway -

Treat yourself or the kiddies to some gogoBags for back-to-school! Two lucky winners will each receive 5 snack bags in assorted prints to green their back-to-school routine! Enter the giveaway using the form below. The contest is open to Canada and the USA and will close at 11:59 pm EST on September 9th. Good luck!

Terms & Conditions: Open to residents of Canada and the USA, 18 years of age or older. Confirmed winner(s) will be contacted via email and have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be drawn. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Prize fulfillment is the responsibility of the sponsor(s). Canadian winners must successfully complete a skill testing question. For questions or to see your product featured on Maman on the Trail blog contact Monica at


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20 thoughts on “Back-to-School with gogoBags (+Giveaway Aug 26-Sept 9)

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  3. Lori L.

    I enjoy making energy balls with my daughters. We switch up the recipe and enjoy them throughout the following week!

  4. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I love the designs of these materials and how nice to get away from plastic for a change. I expect a lot of parents would love to have these and support a small Canadian business.

  5. Leigh Kitchens

    I like to fill a snack bag with cherry tomatoes and baby carrots for a quick easy vegie side with my lunch.

  6. Amanda Austin

    My favourite back to school snacks are fruit and veggies. My kids, of course, prefer less healthy food.

  7. Amanda Austin

    I was just wondering what other material the bags are made of. You mentioned the unbleached cotton, but what type of waterproof layer is there? Is it PUL? (I didn’t find the answer on their website, but then again, I didn’t ask.) This looks like a good product and I also like to support Canadian manufacturers.

  8. Tera penton

    I don’t think I can say I’m excited about any back to school snacks because my son brings most things back. But he does love his fruits

  9. Teresa Y.

    fresh mini cucumbers while they are still in season – so easy and quick to pack and a great crunchy healthy snack.


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