Luv Bug Sun Protection Blanket Review

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Luv Bug Sun Protection Blanket Review -

I received this item at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own. 

Summer is in full swing around here! This means lots of extra time outside soaking up the sunshine! Except that we don’t want to soak up the sun, not really. My sore peeling shoulders and Huckleberry’s very pink cheeks can tell you why we don’t want that. We use sunscreen. We wear hats and UV protective clothing. We take breaks in the shade. Sometimes all of that isn’t enough. Sometimes we need to completely wrap ourselves in sun protection or hide inside. Since you know the latter not a viable option for such an outdoorsy family, let’s look into the former. How do we completely wrap ourselves in sun protection? If you read the title of the post then you’ve already guessed it: a Luv Bug Sun Protection Blanket!

Luv Bug Sun Protection Blanket Review -

Whether you use it as your first line of defence against those dangerous UV rays, or as an extra layer of protection on a particularly sunny day, the Luv Bug Sun Protection Blanket [LINK] offers peace of mind (and serious coverage). The generous size means that it will cover a whole baby or an adult’s shoulders or lap. And it comes in handy in all sorts of sunny situations!

Here are some of the ways we’ve already used our Luv Bug Sun Protection Blanket:

  • To cover Huckleberry when he fell asleep before we could reapply his sunscreen
  • To protect Huckleberry’s very white legs while he was in and out of the water
  • To shield my lap in the canoe after Huckleberry washed off my sunscreen
  • To cool my crispy shoulders as it occurred to my they were burning and reapplying sunscreen wouldn’t be enough
  • To create a clean dry place to change Huckleberry into and out of his swim diaper
  • To deflect the sun’s rays from cooking Huckleberry in the car when I’d forgotten to put his window shade down
  • And although I haven’t used it this way yet, it would make a great protective nursing cover for breastfeeding at the beach, on the dock, and more!

Luv Bug Sun Protection Blanket Review -

Our Luv Bug Sun Protection Blanket has been a great gear addition on all of our outdoor adventures. It’s super lightweight, packs up small, and is quick to dry. We often toss it in a wetbag with all of our swim gear and then it’s ready to go when we need it.

The Star of the Show: Luv Bug Sun Protection Blanket featuring…

Luv Bug Sun Protection Blanket Review -

  1. Ultra-lightweight, fast-drying, moisture-wicking, breathable, machine-washable, UPF 50+ UV protection fabric that measures 29.5″ x 39″
  2. Attached hood for maximum protection

What we love about our Luv Bug Sun Protection Blanket:

  • It offers wicked sun protection! The anti-UV material is rated UPF 50+ for excellent protection from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • It keeps us cool! The material is breathable and moisture-wicking as well. This means that it keeps us feeling cool and dry even on the hottest days.
  • It has an attached hood! The corner hood on this blanket makes it easy to keep a wiggly toddler well-wrapped and protected. It would also hook well onto a mama’s shoulder to keep it in place as a nursing cover or to completely shield a wee babe in arms.
  • It dries quickly! We’ve totally used it as a towel and a mat for wet post-swim changes. And in both cases, it absorbed enough water and dried quickly afterwards.
  • It packs well! Such an important factor in backcountry ventures but also nice because as parents we already carry enough that excess isn’t an option. It weighs next to nothing and can be folded, rolled or scrunched up nice and small.
  • It is multipurpose! Blanket, towel, shawl, nursing cover, car seat cover, stroller cover, carrier cover, change pad, and more! It’s UV protection for the whole family!
  • It comes in fun colours & prints! Sharks, seahorses, mint, bubblegum and silver! Honestly, I want one in every print and colour!

Luv Bug Sun Protection Blanket Review -

What we would change if we could:

  • It isn’t quite big enough (for my liking). The first thing I noticed when I pulled our Luv Bug Sun Protection Blanket from its packaging was that it was smaller than I had expected. I can fit it around my shoulders but would love to wrap it around the both of us and can’t. It is stretchy, which helps, but it would be great if it came in two sizes (little kid/big kid or baby/adult). Also, the hood barely fits on our guy’s head, and I know his head is big for his age, but he’s a toddler, not yet a kid. It would be nice if it were a little more generously sized, but it’s big enough to do the job.

Luv Bug Sun Protection Blanket Review -

You can shop this summer must-have, along with other baby essentials, eating & travel gear, at Or you can try your luck at a little giveaway below!

How will you use your Luv Bug Sun Protection Blanket?

Luv Bug Sun Protection Blanket Review -

Enter using the widget below for your chance to win a Luv Bug Sun Protection Blanket. The contest is open to residents of Canada and the USA and closes at 11:59pm EST on August 8th, 2017. Good luck!

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29 thoughts on “Luv Bug Sun Protection Blanket Review

  1. Jamie Maillet

    This would be perfect to wrap around our 5 month old while in his carrier. We cannot always avoid the sun because we are keeping up with his 3 yr old brother as well.

  2. Joyce S

    I also have a little someone in mind who can use this blanket! It will be perfect for the pool and beach.

  3. gloria patterson

    The blanket would go to my niece for her 10 month old daughter. Zadaya loves the water! She has been in pools, ocean and water slides. She does not like water in her face but my next year she will love it more. But lot of time left to use this season

  4. Jocelyn Paprocki

    I try not to use bug spray on my kids, so this is perfect when we’re in the backyard or at the park.

  5. gloria patterson

    I am impressed with this little blanket. Would love to win for my great niece who is 10 months old and has discovered she loves the water. Does NOT like it in her face but anything else is wonderful. She cries when they take her out of the pool. But this would be so perfect for her little extra protection

  6. Brittany Humbke

    I would use it to protect my baby girl in the lake while we are camping. I don’t take her in the wager very much because I feel like her swimsuit and hat don’t provide enough protection. She’s too young to wear sunscreen so it makes things difficult

  7. Melissa Bissett

    We will use the blanket at the beach, park and also in our backyard.
    We have the same swimming kit My daughter just turned 6 months old and my son his almost 3 year old. Great review!

  8. Nicole K Reynolds

    I’ll use it when I take my daughter to the splash pad. It gets very hot in AZ so it would be amazing. I might use it myself being a pale ginger

  9. Cheryl Chervitz

    I would give this to my son for my granddaughter. They go camping a lot and this would be great to use.

  10. Rosanne Robinson

    I would use my Luv Bug Sun Protection Blanket on my grandson, he loves going to the splash pad & beach and has very fair skin, so it would be great perfection for him.

  11. Danielle

    We live a 5 minute walk from the beach, so I would use this to wrap one of them up for the walk home


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