Mother’s Day Gear Guide 2017 (Review Roundup)

Mother's Day Gear Guide 2017 -

Mother’s Day is just a week away, and if you’re anything like me, you haven’t found something for your own mother nor have you given your partner (or children) any direction as to what you’d like. So here are some ideas based on reviews I’ve done in the past year. The items in this “Mother’s Day Gear Guide” have all been tested and adored by yours truly, and come highly recommended! Click the link to read a full review of each item and find details on where to purchase.

Happy shopping!

For the hiking mom:

Chloe by Momzelle a nursing top for active moms - mamanonthetrail.comChloe Nursing Top by Momzelle

This quick-dry, moisture-wicking, versatile top is perfect for the active mom and will quickly become a favourite. It fits over a pregnant belly and makes nursing on the trail an easy feat. If you are shopping for someone else and aren’t sure of size or colour preference, grab a gift card instead!

Darn Tough Socks - mamanonthetrail.comDarn Tough Hiking Socks

Did you know that Darn Tough has a lifetime guarantee? This is a gift that keeps on giving even after a hiking mom has worn holes in these soft, cushy, breathable, amazingly comfortable socks. They have so many styles and colours to choose from, ranging from everyday and neutral to trekking and funky.

Deuter Kid Comfort 3 Review - mamanonthetrail.comDeuter Kid Comfort 3 Child Carrier Backpack

This is the ultimate gift for a hiking mom! Set her up for an incredible adventure with her little one by giving her the best framed carrier out there. If she doesn’t need all the storage offered in the Kid Comfort 3, consider a Kid Comfort 2 or Kid Comfort Air instead. All of them boast comfort and safety for mom & tot.

Kiddy Adventure Pack Review - mamanonthetrail.comKiddy Adventure Pack

Want to give her adventure on a budget? The Kiddy Adventure Pack boasts many of the same features as the other child carrier backpacks but at a much lower price. These packs have seen some big upgrades since my review, so be sure to head to Kiddy’s website to check out the new features and colours!

Yaktrax Review - mamanonthetrail.comYaktrax Pro

It’s definitely not icy on the trails around here right now, but get that adventurous mom in your life all set up for next winter with a pair of YakTrax. These traction aids are great for babywearing, hiking, running, everyday strolls and big adventures. They help with traction and a feeling of security when out in slippery conditions.

Sign Me Up for the Outdoor Mom Academy - mamanonthetrail.comOutdoor Mom Academy

This is a 6-week online course designed by outdoor moms for outdoor moms. It will cover topics like raising outdoor leaders, assessing risk, family First Aid, family camping made easy, what to pack, gearing up on a budget and more! The early bird pricing ends on May 7th and you can use the code OMA-6 to save $5.

For the babywearing mom:

Getting Back Out There with Our Onya Baby Outback - mamanonthetrail.comOnya Baby Outback

This is my absolute favourite baby carrier! From infancy through toddlerhood, on and off the trail, the Onya Baby Outback is the go-to carrier for so many parents. It is comfortable, safe, durable, breathable, versatile (it has a highchair harness built in!) and loved by moms & dads alike.

MiaMily HIPSTER Plus Review - mamanonthetrail.comMiaMily Hipster Plus

This carrier is so easy to use that I highly recommend it to new parents and those who don’t babywear often. There are 9 different ways to wear a baby in it and you can store items in the seat. The sleek designs, beautiful colours, foolproof use, and versatility make it a great gift for any mom at home & on the go.

Belly Bedaine Kangarooo Sweater review - mamanonthetrail.comBelly Bedaine Kangrooo Maternity & Babywearing Sweater

Did you know that I count my son as a layer of clothing when deciding how to dress for a hike? Anyone who babywears knows that it is not fun to take off a baby in order to remove an extra layer of clothing. This sweater goes over Baby so that putting it on/taking it off doesn’t disturb a sleeping little one. Plus you can wear it during pregnancy!

ParrotFish Jewelry Co. Teething Accessories - mamanonthetrail.comParrotFish Jewelry Co. Teething Necklace

Give that babywearing mama in your life a necklace to match her favourite carrier! This will keep her looking stylish while giving her little one something other than her hair, skin and clothing to safely pinch, pull, play with and chew on. Choose from the pre-made necklaces or have a custom one designed just for you.

For the breastfeeding mom:

Momzelle Nursing Apparel Review - mamanonthetrail.comMomzelle Nursing Apparel

I already mentioned the Chloe Nursing Top  and a gift card, but here’s another plea to choose Momzelle for the mom in your life. Momzelle’s clothing is known for being soft, comfortable and flattering. From pregnancy to postpartum, and through your breastfeeding journey, Momzelle has something for you.

Ékolubi Nursing & Babywearing Necklace Review - mamanonthetrail.comÉkolubi Nursing & Babywearing Necklace

Made from upcycled clothing, each necklace is one of a kind, fashionable and functional. These fun, stylish pieces are safe for baby to pull on, chew on and play with, as alternatives to your hair, face, earring, glasses, and so on. The best part is that they don’t scream “baby-safe jewelry” the way that silicone beads do.

NursElet Review - mamanonthetrail.comNurselet

As a new mom it can be hard to remember to eat, let alone which side the little one nursed from last. This handy little fabric bracelet can act as that reminder while also holding your shirt out of the way during nursing. If you don’t want to wear it as a bracelet, it can also be attached to a diaper bag, purse, stroller, carseat and more.

For the mom who needs some “me time”:

Oh Mother Care Kits Review - mamanonthetrail.comOh Mother Care Kit 

This is the mother of all Mother’s Day gifts and the mother of all care packages. Available as a one time care kit or a quarterly subscription box, these babies come packed with treats, tea, bath & beauty products, recipes, mantra cards & more. Now available as a kit just for the new mom as well!

Shiva's Delight Vegan All-Natural Deodorant Review - Shiva’s Delight vegan All-Natural Skin Care Products

I am a huge fan of Shiva’s Delight Vegan All-Natural Deodorant, but everything that she makes is ah-mazing! Bath bombs, healing bombs, soaps and scrubs, everything that a mom needs to treat herself during some much-needed “me time”. There’s a wide variety of scents to please even the pickiest moms.

For the eco-conscious mom:

Les produits de MaYa Review - mamanonthetrail.comLes produits de MaYa

This all-natural liniment could really fit in any of the above categories. I’ve found at least 40 different uses for it and not a day goes by that I’m not slathering someone or something in it (usually myself, but also my son). My mom uses it, my sister uses it, heck my friend who isn’t a mom uses it and loves it.

Litsie Creations Reusable Snack Bags - Litsie Creations Reusable Snack Bags

These reusable snack bags can be used for snacks on and off the trail, but also for toiletries, make-up, writing utensils, and more. There are probably at least 40 uses for these as well. They come in fun prints and a few different sizes. Made to last for years and to reduce your carbon footprint.

For the snap happy mom:

Canvas Factory Review - Canvas Factory Prints

Who doesn’t know a snap happy mom? Every mom I know is in a constant battle of photos vs. storage space on their smartphones. Surprise a mom in your life with a canvas print of her favourite photograph. Help her start that gallery wall she’s been talking about for months now.

ReTrak SelfieStick Review - mamanonthetrail.comReTrak Selfie Stick

The story of every mom’s photography fail is that she isn’t in any of the photos. Change that story by giving her a SelfieStick. It sound crazy, and maybe even a little silly, but believe me when I say, she’ll love it! I was a SelfieStick hater myself, and I’m a convert now, because I’m finally in family photos!

Whether for a last-minute Mother’s Day gift, or a birthday or anniversary gift down the road, I hope that these ideas have helped you pick the perfect gift for a mom in your life.

Any other ideas to add? I’d love to read them in the comment section below!

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  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    Those Darn Tough Hiking Socks sound amazing, a lifetime guarantee is incredible for socks. I need these socks 🙂

  3. gloria patterson

    a lot of great idea here….. I checked out the canvas factory prints and ended up order one for my niece. this is her first mothers day………… it did not get here but that’s OK it will still be special

  4. Jennie

    Oh my goodness…EVERYTHING on the breastfeeding and babywearing lists are calling my name! I really appreciate these compilations!!!

  5. Natasha Wing

    In my kids’ book (The Night Before Mother’s Day) the children are treating their mom to an in-home spa day so maybe a spa treatment idea or herbal epsom salts, because active outdoorsy moms need some recovery time, too!

  6. gloria patterson

    You have some great ideas here that would be great for young mothers. I always buy my mothers birthday and mothers day gift at the same time. At 87 we all try to get things she can use not things to display.

    My niece is a new mother and I try to help her out with things she does not treat herself with. She is a major Starbucks fan so I stop by ever couple of weeks and buy her a card.

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