Emmett’s ABCs of Winter Fun

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Emmett's ABCs of Winter Fun - mamanonthetrail.com

Another guest post from Kate of Emmett’s ABCs:

Kate is the founder of Emmett’s ABCs, a baby and family focused product review blog. Her mission is to do the heavy-lifting, product research, and analysis of the best products out there, so you don’t have to! In her past life, Kate was a marketing professional, and has a deep understanding of product development and innovation, which helps her cut through the clutter in the market and find the very best products for you and your family! Each product is evaluated on 3 Criteria (A -B-C): Affordability, Blueprint (design), and Creativity, and has been thoroughly tested and evaluated by Kate and her babe, Emmett. Click on over to learn more about the products Kate and Emmett can’t live without, and read on to hear more about the gear that Kate uses to get her family outside in the winter!

It’s that time of year. The temperature is dropping (slowly… but I swear it’s dropping), the leaves are falling, and the days are getting shorter. You know what’s not decreasing though? My almost-toddler’s energy levels, or that of our sweet pup Finnegan! We’re an all-year-round outdoor family (check out this post for some of our favourite places to get outside in the city), and we’ve found some awesome gear that makes it easy for us get outside as the temperature (and daylight) decreases! We’re running through our ABCs of our faves below… Read on!

Tula Carrier

Emmett's ABCs of Winter Fun - mamanonthetrail.com

This is an absolutely must-have for us. It’s the most comfortable carrier we’ve tried, and it let’s us get outside with Emmett in tow, in literally any terrain. We did a full run-down of our favourite Soft-Structure Carriers HERE, so check out our complete review and all the details of our other favourites there. You can’t go wrong choosing one of these babies, and it’ll make sure you have no excuses not to get out and enjoy the snow!

Bridge the Bump Coat Insert

Emmett's ABCs of Winter Fun - mamanonthetrail.com

Affordability: The Bridge the Bump Insert is $110. Now before you start thinking that sounds like a lot of money to spend, let me remind you that by buying this awesome insert, you’ll save yourself from having to buy a second ‘maternity’ winter coat… which would run you a lot more that $110. So for that reason, this item seems pretty darn reasonable to us!


  • The Bridge the Bump insert is designed to be completely compatible with the length, colour, and zipper configuration of your winter coat.
  • The insert is V-shaped, and can be worn wide-section-down when you’re pregnant, and then worn wide-side up when you’re using it with a babe in a carrier. Double use = brilliant!
  • The insert is lined and warm – trust me, your little one will be snug as a bug in there! It was the easiest way for me to ensure that Em was warm and cozy all winter long! And no bulky baby-snowsuit required!


The creativity in this item is in it’s simple and brilliant design. It just works. Double purpose use (pregnant and post-partum), and a full range of colour and length options are just the cherry on top!

Glowdoggie Dog Collar

Emmett's ABCs of Winter Fun - mamanonthetrail.com

Affordability: The glowdoggie collar is $52.99. Again, at first glimpse this doesn’t seem like a bargain, but it’s worth probably triple that in our opinion! Here’s why…


  • Glowdoggie is a motion-activated (it always stays on while on your pup), extremely bright, LED collar for your pup.
  • The collar is completely waterproof and freeze-proof! Your pup can swim, splash, and roll around in the snow with the glowdoggie on without any impact to the collar!
  • The collar is virtually indestructible, and helps you keep a clear eye on your pooch in dim light or complete darkness.
  • There’s a 2-year complete warranty on the collar (we’ve had ours for 2 years, and there’s no sign of it wearing out any time soon!)


The glowdoggie is a completely unique design (they call it ‘all in the tube’, but there’s no external battery pack or parts) that ensures it’s sealed against weather, damage, and wear and tear. Knowing that there’s a reliable light on Finn as he plays in the evenings, is a constant source of comfort for us… and the hilarity that ensues from watching a blue streak jet across the darkness is a bonus.

So gear up, smile, and enjoy the outdoors this winter. We can’t wait to hear about your awesome adventures!

9 thoughts on “Emmett’s ABCs of Winter Fun

  1. Robin Wright

    I love when people do real, honest reviews of products to help others decide on it. I love the sound of that Glowdoggie! I had no idea about it. Thank you!

  2. Linda Szymoniak

    I ordered a couple of lighted collars from some company but never got them (seemed nobody who ordered did). I’ve been planning on getting some – obviously not from that first company. These look great! I would be more likely to walk my dogs after dark if I could be sure others – especially drivers when we have to cross streets – could see them in the dark.

  3. Brandi Dawn

    I must have that collar! We often go for night hikes in the forest. My dog is really good at staying close by but I always get nervous when he is out of view.

  4. Treen Goodwin

    This is awesome , would love to have one for my Fur Babies , i would probably buy this as i love to know where my dogs are at all time especially in the dark 🙂 thanks for sharing , i love it !


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