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Brooksie Leash System Review - mamanonthetrail.comI received this item at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own. 

Kirby is a fairly well-behaved dog. If we are in an area that permits off-leash, then he would be off-leash. But off-leash areas are few and far between, so we need other options. Our new family cottage is one of the places where we need other options. Kirby is great roaming free when we’re down by the dock, since all he wants to do is splash around in the water and play fetch, but everywhere else he needs to be tied up. We’ve met numerous porcupines, raccoons, foxes and deer in the driveway and along the road and it’s a more pleasant experience for everyone involved when Kirby is leashed. But who wants to hold his leash while we’re enjoying a bonfire, or clearing the brush, or devouring lunch at the picnic table? Not me. And that’s where the Brooksie Leash System comes in handy!

Brooksie is a perfect alternative to an invisible fence or dangling leash.

The Brooksie Leash System is a brand new, unique leashing system. It replaces an invisible fence where one cannot be built, or for dogs who cannot handle it. It is made up of an extendible leash attached to a magical little ball that slides across a cable suspended between two fixed points. Sounds complicated, I know. But it’s really not. You simply fasten the cable to a hook on either end, snug it up, and let your dog wander around thinking he is free.

Although the Brooksie is not as portable as we initially thought, we have come up with a few ways to really make it a “take anywhere” leash system.

The Star of the Show: The Brooksie Leash System featuring…

Brooksie Leash System Review -

  1. 50 feet of 5/16″ metal-clad steel cable (also available in 75′ and 100′ lengths)
  2. Stainless steel straining screw, to fine tune the fit
  3. Cable clamp (there are 4 of these altogether, 2 that create the loop at one end to adjust length, and one on either side of the ball as stoppers)
  4. Magic Ball – this is the patent-pending piece that makes the Brooksie so unique! It slides across the cable with ease in any weather so that you dog feels almost free
  5. Galvanized steel alloy hooks that will attach to your fixed points and hold the cable
  6. Double-sided Velcro straps used to secure the cable for easy transport
  7. Carabiner that attaches leash to the magic ball
  8. Extendible leash that adds more of that “freedom feel” for your pup
  9. Handy dandy carrying case

What we love about our Brooksie Leash System:

  • It is easy to install! It only took 2 tools and about 15 minutes to set the Brooksie Leash System up from start to finish, including all of the “customizing”. And I’m sure some of that was learning curve, so it will be even easier next time. Plus, we can leave it set up if we want to (which we did).
  • It allows Kirby to roam “freely”! This makes the Brooksie Leash System a great alternative to an invisible fence. There was no digging involved, but a “perimeter” was still established and Kirby can play within that space with minimal tangling.
  • It is not a tripping hazard! Unlike those corkscrew dog ropes that have you jumping over the leash every time your dog runs by, you set up the Brooksie Leash System above your head. This means that no one is going to take you out at your ankles!
  • It is small and uninvolved! The entire Brooksie Leash System fits into a small carrying bag, and some Velcro ties are included to keep the cable neatly wrapped up. There are also no complicated bits and pieces requiring assembly.
  • It comes in 3 lengths & 2 colours! We have the 50’ cable, and after setting it up there was about 3 feet extra. It’s a great length for our needs, but if you’re looking for longer, it also comes in 75’ and 100’ lengths.

Brooksie Leash System Review -

What we would change if we could:

  • It is not as portable as we’d like. The cable needs to be attached to a hook on either side which should be securely fastened to a tree, post, etc. The Brooksie Leash System only comes with 2 hooks at this time, but they plan to include 4 in the future. However, it would be most portable with 2 short lengths of cable, looped at each end, that could be slung around a tree or post in a park or at a campsite. And even better if they made a 10′ or 15′ version!
  • It doesn’t support medium to large dogs. The Brooksie Leash System is designed to support dogs up to 45 pounds in weight, that is exactly how much Kirby weighs. Even if he threw he weight around a bit, you know, chasing squirrels and the like, I’m sure the Brooksie would hold. But this isn’t made for big dogs. They are however panning a version for big dogs, and for tiny dogs too!

Brooksie Leash System Review -

To get your paws on your very own Brooksie Leash System, you can shop on the Brooksie website. The leashes range in price from $69.95 to $89.95 USD depending on length.

Where will you take your Brooksie Leash System?

Brooksie Leash System Review -

And now for the giveaway, enter using the form below for a chance to win your very own Brooksie Leash System!

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15 thoughts on “Brooksie Leash System Review

  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    My daughter has a similar set up for their dog at their campsite. It’s just a rope between two trees onto which Sascha’s leash can be attached , he has quite a range of movement but limited so that he can’t annoy other campers.

  2. Leigh Kitchens

    I loved it until I got to the part about 45 lb. limit. Bummer, my Golden Retriever is a tall 80 lbs.!

  3. Olivia

    We’ve been looking for an “on-leash, off-leash” system for our dog and I think this might just do it for us!

  4. John Smith

    Interesting system for dogs. If I were a dog, I think I’d prefer to have this system, but with a loose leash. The leash may be extendable, but it’s still always sort of “there,” tugging. I think an extendable leash is more for walks.

  5. Marilyn

    The downside is the requirement for a tree/something similar. At “the beach” or even in parks, yards, cottages etc it will depend on the whether you have two handy trees, placed exactly where you need them. At least with the corkscrew thingy, its design means you have the stationary piece as part of the system. The Brooksie still needs major tweaking before it’ll be helpful IMO. Thanks for the review!

  6. Steph

    Its nice to know that it is easy to install because at first glance it looks slightly complicated! I think more people are likely to try it knowing that its an easy install!

  7. Jillian

    This looks great! We love to take our dog to the beach when it is permitted, and even just having him outside while we are bbqing, etc. but he cannot be trusted off leash lol. I would love to give this new leash a try!

  8. stephanie

    This is awesome! We usually just hook the end of the leash through a rope, but the constant back and forth wears on the rope and the leash handle. I’d use this just in our yard!


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