Our Short Hike Diaper Solution (Review)

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Our Short Hike Cloth Diaper Solution (Review) - mamanonthetrail.comWe have only ventured out for short hikes, lasting no longer than an hour and a half, since Bébé was born. So, with a bit of planning, we haven’t had to attempt a trail-side diaper change…yet. We bring the diaper bag along and leave it in the car so that we can change him before we head home if need be, but we’ve found the perfect short hike diaper solution that keeps Maman and Bébé dry on the trail.

Behold the Great Canadian Short Hike Diaper Solution:

Mother-Ease Sandy’s Fitted Diaper + Borrowed Planet Diaper Cover

Our Short Hike Cloth Diaper Solution (Review) - mamanonthetrail.com

This diaper combination is trim, breathable, inexpensive, and doesn’t leave me with the dreaded pee patch on my front before the hike is over.

Sandy’s Fitted Diaper

Our Short Hike Cloth Diaper Solution (Review) - mamanonthetrail.com

What we love about our Mother-Ease Sandy’s Fitted Diapers:

  • They come in 3 sizes: Newborn (6-12lbs – which still just barely fit our 15.5lb beast), Small (8-20lbs – which we currently use comfortably on the tightest setting), and Large (20-35lbs). The sizing options means less unnecessary bulk and a better fit. There are 3 waist snaps and 2 leg snaps on either side to get that perfect fit.
  • They come in a variety of fabrics: Unbleached Cotton, Bamboo Terry, Organic Cotton, plus colours. We currently use both Unbleached Cotton and Bamboo Terry interchangeably and find them both equally absorbent.
  • They are SO absorbent! We’ve been using this as our overnight solution as well and have yet to spring a leak or fully soak the diaper either on the trail or at night (6+ hours of dry!). And our babe was soaking through a variety of newborn diapers since day 1.
  • They have a double elasticized waist containing leaks at the front and the back!
  • They are Canadian! I might be a little biased toward Canadian products. At the moment they are the cheaper option, but it’s also the more eco-friendly option because they travel less to get to me. And these a great Canadian-made diapers.
  • They are SO affordable at $12.50-$17.00 each (sizes and fabrics vary the cost), making them a great option for those cloth diapering on a budget.

                 Our Short Hike Cloth Diaper Solution (Review) - mamanonthetrail.com            Our Short Hike Cloth Diaper Solution (Review) - mamanonthetrail.com

What we would change if we could:

  • The drying time: as is the case with a lot of fitted and AIO diapers, they can take a little longer to dry. We often have to hang them for a few hours after they’ve been in the dryer (or put them through a second time), but we have enough in rotation that that’s not a real issue. Also, it’s important to note that we use the coin-operated washers and dryers in our condo building – so they are nothing fancy and are by no means great at what they do.

Borrowed Planet Diaper Cover

Our Short Hike Cloth Diaper Solution (Review) - mamanonthetrail.com

What we love about our Borrowed Planet Diaper Covers:

  • There is so much room to adjust these one-size diaper covers for a good fit. There are 5 waist snaps and 4 leg snaps on either side, plus the ability to overlap the flaps. And there are 2 rows of snaps to adjust the rise. And the fabric has enough stretch to give you the fit you need when you’re in between snaps. This diaper will get you through from newborn to potty training and fit over every size of Sandy’s fitted.
  • They have 2 full layers of PUL making them VERY waterproof. As I said earlier, we have yet to have a leak while using this cover (6+ hours of dry!).
  • They have a double leg gusset helping them contain even the biggest messes. These gussets tuck nicely around the Sandy’s to keep it and its wetness from wicking.
  • They come in a ton of fun prints like Cow, Monkey Love, “Plaid” You Like It and Meow. We’re partial to Woods (pictured here) and Moo-Ver.
  • They are Canadian! And even better, Valerie is located in Ontario!
  • They are also VERY affordable at $12.95 a cover and as little as $5 an insert. And we use them with every kind of diaper we have – flats, prefolds, fitteds, and inserts.

                 Our Short Hike Cloth Diaper Solution (Review) - mamanonthetrail.com             Our Short Hike Cloth Diaper Solution (Review) - mamanonthetrail.com

What we would change if we could:

  • They are actually made in China. That’s what keeps the cost down, but it would make me happier if they could be made locally.

Get yourself some Sandy’s Fitted Diapers at their website or locally in Kingston, ON at Go Green Baby. And grab a Borrowed Planet Diaper Cover from their website.

Have you tried either of these great products or do you have a short hike diaper solution to share? Tell me about it in the comment section below.

6 thoughts on “Our Short Hike Diaper Solution (Review)

  1. Leigh Kitchens

    We use fitted diapers a lot as a fool proof system at our house too. I have heard of the Motherease Sandy’s fitteds, but I have not experienced them yet. I did not realize they are Canadian diapers, which may be why I’ve not seen them around as much in the US. They do sound wonderful, so I’ll have to keep an eye out for them & the Borrowed Planet covers.

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  3. Amber Ludwig

    Love that put together you have a SUPER waterproof and absorbent powerhouse of a diaper!! Sounds amazing and I agree!! Perfect for a little hike and avoiding a wet shirt!! 😉

  4. Ashley Chassereau Parks

    I have such good things about Mother Ease!! I have never tried a fitted diaper, but I definitely want to with the next little one! That’s wonderful that it keeps you guys dry on the trails! Gotta love cloth diapers!! 😀

  5. Ashley F

    I have one of these diapers that I rarely use just because of the dry time and it’s a little on the bulky side, I may have to give it a try again, maybe with an extra insert it would work well for night!

    1. Monica Post author

      We still use this combo every night (sometimes with the Mother Ease air-flow cover instead) and also on the trails! The more we use them, the less time they take to dry.


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