Baby Needs a Trail Name

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Baby Needs a Trail Name -

Over the past two years, I have been following a few mommy bloggers and I’ve come to notice something: rarely do they refer to their children by their real names. I would say that 99% of the time this is to conceal the identity of their offspring and protect them from the worldwide web. However, in the few posts I’ve written so far, I can see other purposes: convenience, ease of writing, and ease of reading. I quite like the use of nicknames for little ones in real life and have enjoyed reading all about Maman Loup’s Cub and Little Miss Cub, This West Coast Mommy’s Tee and Kay, and The Monarch Mommy’s The Heir and Petit Prince. So it got me thinking, what will I call my bébé in this blogosphere? What kind of alias can I give him to keep him safe on the Internet? And then it occurred to me – HE NEEDS A TRAIL NAME!

See, other mothers give their children a new identity based on things like their own alias (as in Maman Loup’s or The Monarch Mommy’s cases), the first letters of their names (as This West Coast Mommy does), or simply their birth order (like Conservamom and the Spray Pal family). But the world of hiking already has it’s own nicknaming system: the trail name. What is a trail name? Why, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a name you go by on the trail.

Trail names are most often used by those who are thru-hiking a long trail (think Pacific Crest Trail) but who says we day-hikers can’t have them too? Some people are given trail names by others and some choose them for themselves. But in just about every case, a trail name is based on who you are on the trail, a little nod to your personality, appearance, or experience on the trail.

My husband and I have had a few conversations about trail names and very quickly came up with one for each other. In every group of friends I’ve ever had I take on the mom role (you know, packing extra Band-Aids, making all the plans, being the mature one, ha ha), so it’s fitting that I would be “Maman” – and that’s part of where the name for this blog comes from. As for the husband, he’s the one who’s always falling behind because he has to stop and read every. single. word. on. every. single. interpretive. sign. and so we decided “Bookworm” was a fitting trail name for him. Now, Maman and Bookworm also have a wee little son who is only a few months old and has just a smidgen of a personality shining through. This makes choosing a trail name difficult. We came up with a few and tried them out a couple of times, but nothing is sticking just yet. That’s where I came up with the genius idea to crowdsource the naming of our child!

Here are a few facts and figures that may help you come up with a trail name for our little boy:

  • born on a Sunday in December
  • top percentile for height and weight (a.k.a. a big baby!)
  • squeaks and sighs all the time, since day one, and especially while hiking
  • is rather chill and happy-go-lucky, even becoming a little goofy
  • looks like his daddy (apparently…)
  • and bonus: is being raised bilingual (French-English) so if the name is either bilingual or French, that’s even cooler!

Baby Needs a Trail Name -

So what do you think his trail name should be? Post your ideas in the comment section below! And watch out for the big reveal when we choose the best one…

29 thoughts on “Baby Needs a Trail Name

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  2. Tamara

    On my blog I just use the girls nicknames. It’s easier for me. For a bit I went with their initials. You’ll find something that works for you.


    We don’t use our kiddos names on our blog either. I use first initials and my sister has little names too. I Love the idea of coming up with a completely different name… Huck is really cute. So is Chip! Good luck with the decision!! I love the idea to protect your kiddo this way.

    1. Monica Post author

      I think it was through reading “Wild” and watching “Mile, Mile and a Half” that I discovered trail names – and I LOVE them! I always had a few nicknames growing up and it’s such a lovely feeling of closeness when someone calls you something special 🙂

    1. Monica Post author

      I feel like as soon as we decide I’ll go back through the handful of posts I’ve already published and change it – but I’m glad I did this early!!

  4. Rebecca

    Do you like to see animals during your hikes? How about Caneton/Canard? Petit Suisse? My favourite is Hérisson! I tried to think of French hiking words and came up with nothing. I call my boys P’tit homme, P’tit loup, Coco, Minou, Minet and more.

    1. Monica Post author

      I’m so glad you get it! I had originally fallen in love with the name “Squeaks” but then thought hmmm will he hate that in a few short years because it makes him sounds cutesy and small?

  5. Shann Eva

    I love the idea of a trail name! I never have come up with something crafty to call my kids on the blog. I always go with the oldest, the bigger guy, and the little guy (my twins.) I’m going to vote for Chip! I really like that one!

  6. kathy

    ok so this is where I leave my trail name suggestion! 🙂 in one of his pictures he looks like Winston Churchill, so I thought Winston, then Kingston came to mind after his home town. Then, as I am typing this , French or France or something to do with the French language and Paris. Also there is chip the tea cup from beauty and the beast. he is so cute. that’s it for now LOL


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