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6 More Tips for Nursing on the Trail

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6 More Tips for Nursing on the Trail (square image) - mother nursing toddler while hiking - mamanonthetrail.com

Huckleberry and I are going on 31 months of nursing – that’s just over 2-and-a-half years of non-stop breastfeeding for those of you that don’t count in months. And we’ve been hiking and camping all the while, so I’m becoming quite the expert on nursing in the wild, but especially on the trail. If you’re looking for some tips for… Read more »

All I Want for Mother’s Day is…

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All I Want for Mother's Day is... (squareimage) - girl standing in puddle in tulip field with KidORCA boots - mamanonthetrail.com

All I want for Mother’s Day is… …your love and support and help to pay my way through a Forest & Nature School Practitioners Course! Pledge your support on Patreon! Is that too much to ask? What if I told you that you could have all sorts of perks in return? Think of it like bringing a gift to my birthday… Read more »

Setting and Keeping Intentions (Part 1 of 2)

Maman on the Trail's Guide to Setting and Keeping Intentions Part 1 - square image - mom and toddler balancing on fallen tree - mamanonthetrail.com

It’s never too late to set intentions, whether for the whole year, the new season, the next month, or even just this week or today. Take a little step today towards a big change tomorrow! If you’re interested in setting and keeping some intentions for a happier, healthier, and ultimately better YOU, then get ready to get into part 1… Read more »

Cultivating Minimalism: a 30-Day Declutter Challenge

Maman on the Trail's 30-Day Declutter Challenge - mamanonthetrail.com

What is “minimalism”? According to my favourite “experts” on the topic, The Minimalists, the answer to the question is… “Minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom. Minimalism has helped us… Eliminate our discontent Reclaim our time Live in the moment Pursue our passions… Read more »

Coming to Terms with “Good Enough”

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Coming to Terms with -Good Enough- mamanonthetrail.com

I haven’t published a blog post in about a month and this is not the next post that I intended to write, but this is where my head is. The growing list of unfinished reviews can wait. The Humans of the Outdoors’ stories will be there when I’m ready to share them. There are always more Tuesdays to be taken… Read more »

Learn to be an Outdoor Mom! (Online Course + Coupon Code)

Learn to be an Outdoor Mom (Outdoor Mom Academy 2) - mamanonthetrail.com

Are you ready to take your parenting to the next level? Then let’s head outside! Or, really, just to the Outdoor Mom Academy…and then the great outdoors! You probably read the title of this post and thought “Pfft, I don’t need to LEARN to be an outdoor mom!” I’m not going to tell you that you’re wrong because you’re not. Simply momming… Read more »

Sign Me Up for the Outdoor Mom Academy (+ Coupon Code)

Sign Me Up for the Outdoor Mom Academy - mamanonthetrail.com

Yes, you read that right, there’s an Outdoor Mom Academy and it has your name written all over it. I am beyond excited about the opportunity to participate in this 6-week online course designed with the outdoorsy mom in mind. And I would be honoured to have you join me as a fellow student! Are you ready to take your adventure parenting… Read more »

12 Reasons Why Baby Sign Language is for You

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12 Reasons Why Baby Sign Language is for You - mamanonthetrail.com

I received this item at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own.  Have you heard of Baby Sign Language before and thought “That’s not for me”? The first time that I heard of it, I had that same thought. I thought “Shouldn’t I focus on speaking? No one in my family uses sign language.” However, the second… Read more »

I am #RockingMotherhood in the Outdoors (and so are you!)

Rocking Motherhood - mamanonthetrail.com

I have been tagged by Susan of Mountain Mom and Tots in her blog post about how she is #RockingMotherhood. She told us the 10 ways that she is rocking at being a mom, and has suggested that I am also #RockingMotherhood, especially “outdoors Canadian style” as she puts it. It isn’t often enough that we take a moment to recognize when another… Read more »

10 Tips for Moms Returning to Work

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10 Tips for Moms Returning to Work - mamanonthetrail.com

I returned to work in December after a year-long maternity leave, and it has been a challenge. I should put that in the present tense: it IS a challenge. It is a challenge to get everyone up and out the door in the morning. It is a challenge to muster the energy to teach French to 150 children that aren’t… Read more »