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5 Amazing Health Benefits of a Trampoline (Take Over Tuesday)

5 Amazing Health Benefits of a Trampoline -

Welcome to the Take Over Tuesday guest post series. I will be featuring posts by fellow bloggers and outdoors enthusiasts. Do you have some expertise or a great story to share? Consider submitting something to the Humans of the Outdoors series or contacting me directly. This week’s feature is from John of Jumpflex. The folks at Jumpflex are the creators of one of Australasia’s favourite trampolines. Their trampolines… Read more »

A Look at the “NaturePlay – Take Childhood Back” Film

NaturePlay Film -

This film…I just…I can’t…Words…Gah! Thoughts and feelings and ideas are darting around in my head like squirrels in a park in the fall. I have sat here for well over an hour typing and backspacing an introduction to this blog post. I don’t know where to start. And that is a good thing; it means that this film is making… Read more »