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If you spend enough time in nature, you gain an appreciation of its strength and its fragility. Here are some of the ways we can pitch in to keep green spaces green!

Collier d’allaitement et portage d’Ékolubi: une Critique

collier d;allaitement et portage d'Ékolubi -

J’ai reçu un collier d’allaitement et portage en échange pour cette critique. Toutes les opinions sont à moi. *This review is also available in English.   En grandissant entourée de petits cousins, j’ai vite appris d’attacher mes cheveux, de ne pas porter des bijoux, et de choisir des lentilles de contacts en place des lunettes si possible. Les enfants empoignent,… Read more »

Ékolubi Nursing & Babywearing Necklace Review

Ékolubi Nursing & Babywearing Necklace Review -

I received a custom nursing and babywearing necklace in exchange for this review. All opinions remain my own. *Cette critique est aussi disponible en français.   Growing up around a lot of little cousins, I quickly learned to keep my hair tied back and jewellery to a minimum, and to wear contacts over glasses when possible. Babies are grabby little… Read more »

Take Care of Our Little One (as seen on A Greener Future)

Take Care of Our Little One -

Take Care of Our Little One: a guest post for A Greener As part of the “Love Your Lake” Campaign, Rochelle from A Greener Future, asked me to write a post about preserving the environment. I did more than just write about it, I went out and cleaned up a green space that means a lot to me and… Read more »

Earth Day 2016: How Green is Maman on the Trail?

Earth Day 2016 -

Earth Day is like New Year’s for eco-enthusiasts: a time for celebrating, congratulating and making promises for the future. For me, it is a chance to take stock of what I am already doing to reduce my impact on the planet, and to make some resolutions for the coming year. Also, it’s just another excuse to make a big list… Read more »

Maman’s DIY Cloth Wipe Solution

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Maman's DIY Cloth Wipe Solution -

*This post contains affiliate links. When I decided that Huckleberry would be a cloth-diapered trail baby, it just made sense to me that we would also use cloth wipes. But, because I love being totally honest, I should also tell you that I cannot stand the smell of baby wipes. I’ve used many different brands on many different babies in… Read more »

Our Short Hike Diaper Solution (Review)

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Our Short Hike Diaper Solution -

We have only ventured out for short hikes, lasting no longer than an hour and a half, since Bébé was born. So, with a bit of planning, we haven’t had to attempt a trail-side diaper change…yet. We bring the diaper bag along and leave it in the car so that we can change him before we head home if need be,… Read more »