Boots Made for Adventure: a MyMayu Boots Review

I don’t know a single soul who enjoys hiking with wet feet – seriously, such an awful feeling! And no matter how many times I remind my now 3-year old to consider what he’s wearing on his feet before trudging through mud & puddles, along the wet shore or otherwise, he still whines when he makes the decision to dunk his shoed feet in the water.

I get it though, it’s hard to think about wearing big clunky waterproof boots when it’s not actually raining, and even harder to resist the puddle even when you’re wearing shoes – but there’s a solution! MyMayu Boots: boots that are super lightweight and made for adventure! You’ll never need another pair of hiking shoes, waterproof boots, or even winter boots again – because these bad boys are all three and more!

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Skip the anecdotes & get straight to the review!

Not to be confused with traditional rubber boots/rain boots/gumboots, MyMayu has designed all-season multi-purpose lightweight durable boots that scream “Take me on every adventure!!” I can’t tell you the number of pant knees these boots have saved, the amount laundry I haven’t had to do, the number of trips back up a trail for a boot that fell off a foot while in the carrier that we haven’t had to make (and we just had to do that for a friend whose kiddo lost a boot right off their foot), nor the slips, trips and falls Huckleberry hasn’t suffered – these boots are AMAZING! Not to mention, the arguments we haven’t had to have over footwear, because when you call them “Adventure Boots”, well you just have to wear them on every adventure, big or small!

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MyMayu Trekker Boots are slim, flexible, comfortable, collapsible, durable, and designed for your kiddo to wear every time they step into the outdoors. Huckleberry has worn his for a year now and has tested them out in every season – they are perfect for the unpredictable weather in the spring, not too hot in the summer and great for protecting little legs from scrapes and bugs, amazing on all of our rugged hikes in the fall, and warm enough (while using the Helios Liners) for most of the winter weather we get around here (we haven’t tried them below -15°C). They also pack up so small that even if there’s a chance we’re going on an adventure, they are easy to toss in a bag just in case!

Here’s a great chart outlining why MyMayu Boots are the most versatile, multi-purpose all-season footwear & the only footwear your kid needs!

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The Star of the Show: MyMayu Trekker Boots featuring…

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What we love about our MyMayu Trekker Boots:

  • They are so lightweight & flexible! Huckleberry can run and play totally unencumbered while wearing these boots. They move with him, help him climb, don’t clunk around on his feet, and stay put – just above or below his knee (he has grown!).
  • They are waterproof! The textile upper is made of custom-made, durable, 300D, waterproof, breathable 3-layer polyester with ECO DWR coating – which in terms that I can understand means they are waterproof AF!
  • They are durable! See the above statement about the upper – one year in and they show ZERO signs of wear and tear, and my kid plays HARD!
  • They protect feet, knees & clothes! When we first got these boots, they came up above Huckleberry’s knees and protected them from scrapes and tears. Now they sit just below the knee but still keep his feet and legs dry and clean! Another added benefit of the durable fabric that comes up so high and cinches closed is that it offers protection against ticks and other bugs that bite while out hiking.
  • They have toggles! You can cinch them closed at the ankle and at the knee – this keeps the boots in place and keeps water, mud, sand, dirt and bugs out!
  • They are collapsible! MyMayu Boots collapse entirely inside themselves as small as just the rubber sole – perfect for packing on any trip!
  • They fit for a long time! We grabbed these size 9/10 boots a year ago when Huckleberry was fitting in a size 7/8 and they didn’t fit too big. He now wears a size 11/12 and yet these boots still fit perfectly! We figure he’ll be wearing them at least until the snow flies again, if not longer! (Sizing chart here)
  • They are good for every season! As mentioned above, they are perfect for the unpredictable weather in the spring, not too hot in the summer and great for protecting little legs from scrapes and bugs, amazing on all of our rugged hikes in the fall, and warm enough (while using the Helios Liners) for most of the winter weather we get around here. The only footwear your kiddo needs!
  • They are vegan & have NO harmful chemicals! We love outdoor companies that work hard to take care of the great outdoors. MyMayu Boots are vegan certified and free from PVC, BPA, phthalates and other nasty stuff!
  • They are designed by moms! Moms know how to solve problems, amiright? Learn more about the brand & team here.
  • They enhance our adventures! We never have to stop to adjust them, put them back on, fish rocks out of them, change wet socks, turn back to pick them up because they’ve fallen off, fight to get them on, none of it! They are just that awesome. Period.
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What we would change if we could:

  • Adult support is required to put them on. Because of their incredible form-fitting flexible, cinchable nature, they do require the help of an adult to get on. I’m sure older kids can get them on themselves, but at 2 and 3, Huckleberry needs a lot of help with these boots.
  • The liners are sold separately. I’m not a huge fan of integral parts being sold separately – 3 seasons out of the year we use the Helios Liners with every wear, in the summer just socks are good. I’m sure there are some folks out there that may not need or use the liners, but I’d love it if they were included with the purchase of the boots.
  • They don’t yet come in adult sizes. But they will! There was recently a KickStarter campaign for MyMayu Boots for mamas that didn’t quite get the necessary traction – I’ll keep you posted if they launch it again!

You can grab your adventurous little explorers some MyMayu [LINK] all-season multi-purpose outdoors boots directly from the MyMayu website [LINK]. They’ve got a great sizing chart, some videos [LINK], and lots of great information about their boots and accessories there on the site.

Which feature makes you want these boots the most?

DISCLAIMER: I received this item at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own.

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