Setting and Keeping Intentions (Part 2 of 2)

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It’s never too late to set intentions, whether for the whole year, the new season, the next month, or even just this week or today. Take a little step today towards a big change tomorrow!

If you’re interested in setting and keeping some intentions for a happier, healthier, and ultimately better YOU, then get ready to get into part 2 of a 2-part series on setting and keeping intentions.

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You can read all about the 6 intentions I set for myself in the post “Wandering into 2018 with Intention(s): a New Year’s Post” or by checking out the hashtag #mamansintentions on Instagram. But in short, this year I intend to do the following:

1. Strive for balance.
2. Take time to reflect.
3. Enjoy the ride.
4. Remember that less is more.
5. Plan for spontaneity.
6. Find myself and be me.

You can read in detail the process I went through in order to SET these intentions in part 1 of this 2-part series. And now, onto the second part…

Part 2: How I Intend (ha ha) to Keep My Intentions

Setting your intentions is just the beginning. Now, what are you going to do to KEEP those intentions? In no particular order, here are 7 things that I have been doing to keep me accountable and to keep me on track…

7 Tips for Keeping Intentions

1. Tell the world.

When you announce to others, especially in a public forum, all of the things you intend to do, you are more likely to stick to it. You can even ask others to join you or help hold you accountable. After I set my intentions, I wrote a blog post about it, and then committed to this 2-part series to keep myself even more accountable. I even created the hashtag #mamansintentions so that I would be able to easily post and keep track of posts about my intentions.

2. Revisit your intentions often.

That hashtag I just mentioned is an easy way for me to revisit my intentions often, but there are plenty of other ways to remind yourself daily or weekly of the intentions you’ve set for yourself. Write them down and pin them up in your home. Create a table or chart that you can use to track whether you’ve done something to works towards them and check a box each day or each week. Use a reminder app on your phone and set intention-related reminders to pop up on a regular basis. Do what works for YOU!

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3. Break intentions down into tasks.

An intention like “Strive for Balance” can seem big and vague and hard to know when you’ve “accomplished” it – so, break it down into tasks that you can actually do. What does your intention LOOK LIKE when you’re doing it? What kinds of activities or chores or projects would fit into your intention? What can you DO that would get you closer to keeping your intention?

4. Create a “poster” for each intention.

This goes back to points #2 and #3 in a way – creating a “poster” or graphic of some sort that represents each intention will make it more visible to you in your everyday life, and will help you break your intention down into smaller parts. This poster can simply be your intention written out and displayed in a simple or fancy way, or it can look more like a collage or vision board. If you’re the creative type, get creative with this, if you’re not, then do something simple that works for you. I created a little square graphic for each that I used on social media, but I’ve kept them on my phone in their own folder so that I can go back through them often and be reminded of them.

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5. Make decisions based on your intentions.

With each decision that you make, ask yourself if and how it can help you work towards your intentions. Before signing onto more “work” on your plate, planning a trip you might take, or making changes to your routine, ask yourself if it’s a step closer or further away from the life you intend to lead. This is also permission to use your intentions as an excuse to say “yes” or “no” when it’s convenient for you!

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6. Take it one day at a time.

You are NOT going to be able to put in work towards each of your intentions every day, so let go of that high standard and take each day as it comes. I take a little time each morning to ask myself “What can I do today that will help me work towards ONE of my intentions?” – and depending on the kind of day ahead of me and the reality of parenthood, sometimes the answer to that question is close to “Nothing”, but I try anyway. And then I try again tomorrow.

7. Look at the big picture.

You’ve got all day, all week, all month, all season, the rest of this year, and next year, and so on, to keep working on your intentions. Remind yourself why you set them and what the “end goal” is – even if it’s something not very tangible like “enjoying the ride” – and keep chugging along in that direction. I have not “kept” my intentions every day this year, but I am closer to my definition of “less is more” now than I was in January, I am finding myself and being me more often now than I was last year. It’s about the climb – it’s about intentional self-improvement – it’s about working towards a better you.

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Thank you for reading Part 2 of “Setting and Keeping Intentions”. Part 1 is also a great read and focusses on how I went about setting my intentions for the year. Check it out here!

Don’t forget to check out the hashtag #mamansintentions on Instagram for more on my intentions and how I’m keeping them!

What intentions have you set for yourself and what work do you do to keep them? Tell me in the comments section below!



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