Mother’s Day Gear Guide 2018 (Review Roundup)

Mother’s Day is just a week and a half away, and if you’re anything like me, you haven’t found something for your own mother nor have you given your partner (or children) any direction as to what you’d like. So here are some ideas based on reviews I’ve done in the past year, and previous gear guides I’ve put together. The items in this “Mother’s Day Gear Guide” have all been tested and adored by yours truly, and come highly recommended! Click the title/link to read a full review of each item and find details on where to purchase.

Mother's Day Gear Guide 2018 -


Gifts for the outdoorsy mom:

7 Tips for Your First Night Hike - mamanonthetrail.comColeman Headlamp & Flashlight

Nothing says, “I love to adventure with you!” like a new headlamp or flashlight. Right? But seriously, good quality gear is important and showing a mom in your life that you care about her and love to adventure with her is easy to do with a night hike and all the necessary gear to make it happen!

MSR Mutha Hubba NX 3-Person Backpacking Tent Review - mamanonthetrail.comMSR Mutha Hubba NX 3-Person Backpacking Tent

Take mom camping this year in a brand new MSR backpacking tent! We love to cozy up for a night in the woods in our Mutha Hubba tent, and MSR makes a few different sizes to accommodate a variety of families. They pack nice and small and are very lightweight – but can withstand some crazy winds on wild adventures!

Kid Casters- No-Tangle Fishing Pole Review - mamanonthetrail.comKid Casters No-Tangle Fishing Pole

Yeah, I know, this looks more like a gift for the kids, but hey, if there’s a mom in your life who LOVES to fish then gear up the littles to go with her. This would be such a wonderful gift for the mom who has all she needs to fish but would love to take some little fishing amateurs along with her.

10 Tips for Adventuring with a Toddler - mamanonthetrail.comOnyaBaby PURE Soft-Structured Carrier

An OnyaBaby PURE is a great carrier from infancy through toddler-hood and will keep the babywearing, trailblazing, mountain climbing, wild adventuring mama happy and comfortable. Plus, this post comes with some great tips for keeping toddlers happy on the trail – grab the carrier and then read the post together!

Hydro Flask- For Your Water or Your Worms (hiking and fishing) - mamanonthetrail.comHydro Flask Water Bottle or Food Flask

For the moms who are always on the go and who want to live an eco-conscious life, I give you Hydro Flask! Makers of amazing insulated water bottles, travel mugs, wine glasses, tumblers, food flasks and more! And there are more than enough colour combinations to please every mom out there!

Halo Headwear for the Adventurous Mom - mamanonthetrail.comHalo Headwear

I honestly cannot live without my Halo Headwear and I’m sure there are other mamas out there with the potential to feel the same. These versatile, comfortable, fashionable headbands are amazing on and off the trail – to tame the flyaways, protect your head, keep your neck cool or your ears warm!

Eclypse II Backpacking Hammock Review - mamanonthetrail.comTiny Big Adventure Eclypse II Backpacking Hammock

Every mama NEEDS a hammock! For snuggling and nursing and reading and napping and playing and observing and watching the stars and rocking little babes to sleep. This lightweight packable hammock comes almost everywhere with us and has been used in so many different ways – a great gift for any mom out there!

KEEN Footwear Review - mamanonthetrail.comKEEN Footwear

A new hiking season is upon us! Grab the mom in your life some new hiking boots, shoes or sandals to keep her feet comfortable on the trails for years to come. There’s a variety of style and colour choices available, so perhaps a gift card to your nearest KEEN retailer is a better option! You know that mama best!

HydroBlu Water Filter Review - mamanonthetrail.comHydroBlu Water Bottle & Filter

Don’t make mom carry all of the water – and really, no one needs to carry a ton into the backcountry when you could use a HydroBlu filtering water bottle instead! Lightweight, durable, and oh so functional, these filtration products give you access to clean water everywhere! The perfect gift for moms who like to stray!


Gifts for the breastfeeding mom:

Merino Wool for Nursing Moms - mom nursing toddler in hammock - SQUARE IMAGE - mamanonthetrail.comGreen Rose Merino Wool Nursing Top & Leggings

Finally some merino wool that we can nurse in! Get that mama in your life some incredible base layers that she can hike, camp, sleep, and play in year round! If you’re into twinning, Green Rose has merino wool styles and sizes for the entire family, from newborns right through to parents and their colours are so lovely!

BOOB Design Fast Food Tankini Nursing Swimsuit Review - mamanonthetrail.comBoob Fast Food Tankini Nursing Swimsuit

From maternity right through to nursing and beyond – this is the only swimsuit a mama will ever need! It’s high-quality recycled fabric, easy to access nursing-friendly openings, and room for a growing belly, make it super functional. But it is also extremely comfortable and so flattering! It is available as a one- or two-piece and in a few different colours.

Hotmilk Yoga Nursing Bra Review - mamanonthetrail.comHotmilk Lingering Vitality Yoga Nursing Bra

I refer to this nursing bra as the ULTIMATE nursing bra for the hiking mom! It is so comfortable and supportive and great for all sorts of activities that the mom in your life might be into. If you’re not comfortable bra shopping for someone else (who is?!?!) grab a gift card to Hotmilk Lingerie and mom can treat herself!


Gifts for the mom who needs some “me time”:

Skin Care Tips for the Outdoor Family - maman and toddler with canoe - square image - mamanonthetrail.comLes produits de MaYa Eco-Friendly All-Natural Skincare Products

Cleansing milk, whipped body butter, all-natural sun protection and bug protection, and released just in time for Mother’s Day, a massage bar and dry shampoo. Les produits de MaYa products are amazing, made in Canada, vegan, eco-friendly, all-natural and so delightful on the skin!

Other Related Gear & Gift Guides

Maman on the Trail's Go Green Guide 2018 (square) – hand holding cell phone with recycling symbol as guide cover page - mamanonthetrail.comGo Green Guide 2018

For a list of almost 20 eco-friendly brands and products for the eco-conscious mom in your life, please check out the Go Green Guide. Note that the giveaway and most of the discounts have expired, but the products listed are great for someone wanting to a go a little more green this year! Psst. Live Love North has some great clothes for mom!

Maman's Birthday Gift Guide - mamanonthetrail.comMaman’s Birthday Gift Guide 2017

Mother’s Day is sort of like the birthday of motherhood, so check out the list of gifts I put together for my own birthday and get inspired to do a little shopping for Mother’s Day or any other gift-giving occasion for the moms in your life. Psst. Is mom looking for a summer read? There’s a great book listed in this guide that she’s sure to love!

Mother's Day Gear Guide 2017 - mamanonthetrail.comMother’s Day Gear Guide 2017

Just like this guide, but put together with reviews from the year prior, you can get some great ideas from last year’s Mother’s Day Gear Guide. There’s not much that goes out of style in the outdoor mom world over the course of a year or two, and maybe this guide just didn’t have what you were looking for.

Whether for a last-minute Mother’s Day gift, or a birthday or anniversary gift down the road, I hope that these ideas have helped you pick the perfect gift for a mom in your life.

Any other ideas to add? I’d love to read them in the comment section below!


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Mother's Day Gear Guide 2018 -

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