How to Choose an Insect Repellent (Take Over Tuesday)

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How to Choose an Insect Repellent

Mosquito bites can really ruin a family outing or a fun time quickly, they are itchy, sometimes painful, and not to mention the risk of spread of disease. The right repellent can protect you and your family from becoming victims of the dreaded mosquito. Besides the obvious point that a repellent should protect your skin from bites without irritating your skin, there are some major key points to consider when choosing your repellent outlined in this guide at The biggest factors to consider when choosing an insect repellent for you and your family are outlined below…

How to Choose an Insect Repellent -

1. Look for these 3 active ingredients:

(as recommended by the CDC and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA))

  • DEET: this is concluded to be safe by the EPA and CDC but in small recommended doses, it is very powerful.
  • Picaridin: another powerful solution but a better option for people with sensitive skin.
  • Oil of lemon eucalyptus: a natural solution that works similarly to the above chemicals.

2. How does it smell?

Pay attention to the scent of the insect repellent – if you think it stinks, you won’t wear it!

3. How does it feel?

If it is sticky, if it burns, if it is uncomfortable, you won’t wear it and it obviously won’t work.

4. Do you like it?

Factors that matter to you are important – whether price, scent, ingredients or your own personal preference. The most effective mosquito repellent is the one you buy and actually use!

How to Choose an Insect Repellent - mamanonthetrail.comBONUS:

  • Watch out for repellents that are combined with sunscreen, the sunscreen will wear off before the repellent does, and you don’t want to risk overexposure of the bug spray or risk a sunburn for not reapplying.
  • Replace regularly, ingredients can expire.
  • Some repellents can be harsh on fabric so keep your delicates and your sprays separate!

A little information from Maman on the Trail about insects & insect repellent:

5 thoughts on “How to Choose an Insect Repellent (Take Over Tuesday)

  1. Molly

    That’s a really interesting point about sunscreen wearing off before the bug repellant – I would have never thought about that. Thanks for this info!

  2. lori galbraith

    I never had trouble with bugs until this year. Mostly in the past they left me alone. This year was crazy for some reason.
    One big factor for me in buying repellent this year was how is it applied, aerosol vs. pump spray vs lotion.

  3. Amber Ludwig

    I always try to choose a more natural option since my family and I have super sensitive skin. I also try to use non-sprays or rub ons if I can. We had bracelets and stickers that we pout everywhere and LOVED!!


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