Meemaw Mentions: Staying Hydrated with Coral-Mine (+Giveaway Aug 25-Sept 8)

Coral-Mine review - Meemaw Mentions -

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Welcome to “Meemaw Mentions” – a new semi-regular blog series brought to you by my mom/Huckleberry’s Meemaw. Meemaw will use this blog series to mention products she likes, tips and tricks for a healthy and active lifestyle, and words of wisdom from a mom of 3 daughters and a Meemaw of 4 (almost 5) grandkids. Check out her bio at the end of this article for more information.

Hydration – you don’t realize how important it is until you have problems staying hydrated.

I had some health issues and it took a while to figure out what the pain, sleeplessness, and overactive mind were caused by…it was dehydration! I now keep water beside my bed for the middle of the night, and it’s amazing how much that helps. But there are times when water alone is not enough, like when I started working out more and working in a hot environment, I realized the problem called for more.

I tried powders from the big workout enhancement places and found that they had creatine in them and that wasn’t something I wanted or needed. Then I went through a variety of BCAAs and felt like I didn’t want all the chemicals or the flavours. There were even pills that were supposed to help me retain fluids and I found I went to the washroom quite a few times before a run and ended up more dehydrated than usual, so they were out. The search continued, and as I ramped up training and mileage on my runs I really needed to get serious. I started to look for more natural solutions that I could use on a daily basis.

Coral-Mine review - Meemaw Mentions -

I started reading everything I could find on hydration. I found all the usual information but also learned a few new things like the fact that you shouldn’t use electrolytes on a daily basis as they can be hard on your liver. That ruled out a few more options of ready-made products, which brought me to use more salt in my diet and this seemed to help. I made sure it was either sea salt or pink Himalayan salt, which is great if you are the one adding the salt to your food. I love salt, I crave salt! When everyone wants a sweet treat I want salt, but I quickly found that I was snacking more and more on salty treats in the evening. I decided that adding salt wasn’t the solution for me, it wasn’t the healthy salt I had been looking for.

Coral-Mine review - Meemaw Mentions -

My daughter was offered a product to review and when she received it she thought of me right away and asked if I wanted to try it, of course, I did! It was Coral-Mine, a natural coral mineral supplement. I received a 20-day supply of Coral-Mine, and it came individually packaged in 20 sachets. A conveniently pre-measured coral mineral. The instructions were to simply add a sachet to up to 1.5L of water, wait 5 minutes and then drink it throughout the day.

I normally drink water all day so that part wasn’t anything new to get used to, and there was no taste to get used to either, just refreshing water. Within the first few days of using Coral-Mine I didn’t notice any changes, but after that, I could really feel the difference. I felt relaxed, calm, clear-headed – I didn’t realize that I was missing that. And my washroom visits became more regular. I also found that I was no longer craving salt, I wasn’t searching for that snack in the evenings, and that made me happy. My skin seemed clearer, I was sleeping better and I was no longer waking up with puffy eyes. The real test would be my weekend long run, especially now that it had gotten hot out… and SUCCESS! I finished my run with a small bottle of water, I didn’t have to guzzle large amounts of water after, I felt great and had the best run I have had in a long time!

The Star of the Show: Coral-Mine natural coral mineral supplement featuring…

Coral-Mine review - Meemaw Mentions -

  1. Coral-Mine is a natural product from Japan made of deep-sea coral (scleractinias) collected in the Sea of Japan, near the islands of Okinawa and Tokunoshima.
  2. Coral-Mine regulates water-salt and pH balance and improves the overall condition of the body.
  3. It normalizes metabolism and contributes to energy reserves of the body.
  4. It is recommended for athletes and those who have to withstand physical and nervous stress.
  5. Facts: Each daily serving (6-8oz servings) contains:
    • Vitamin C 5mg
    • Calcium 356mg
    • Magnesium 15mg

What I love about Coral-Mine:

  • It is convenient! There is no measuring from a container with a scoop, just pop the sachet in the water and away you go.
  • The serving size is portable! You can use the sachet for up to 1.5L of water but you can also pop it into a smaller water bottle and take it to go! They come packaged with 10 sachets in a small ziplocked bag too, making it easy to pack in your gym bag or purse.
  • It is tasteless! There are no artificial flavours or chemical aftertaste, it’s just refreshing.
  • It is all natural! My body can process it easily and it’s not causing any problems just solving some.
  • It keeps me hydrated! Most importantly, Coral-Mine helps keep me hydrated and therefore I can do all the things I enjoy and live a healthy life. I exercise better, sleep better and p–p better, what more could one ask for?!?

What I would change if I could:

  • It could be more eco-friendly. A lot of waste is generated with each disposable sachet and the plastic bag that holds 10 sachets. As much as I love that is it pre-measured, it would be great to have a bulk option with reusable sachets.

For more information about Coral-Choice, please head to If you’re interested in learning about Coral Choice’s 4 Steps to Health (water, cleanse, feed, protect), check out this page or this video. And if you’re interested in purchasing Coral-Mine or any other Coral Club product, head to to sign up and place your order today!

Shop at* and support my blog with your purchase.

How do you stay hydrated?

Giveaway - Coral-Mine review - Meemaw Mentions -

Are you feeling lucky? TWO readers will each win a 30-day supply of Coral-Mine to try out and benefit from! The contest is open to Canada & the USA with one lucky winner from each country. Use the form below to enter. Contest will close at 11:59pm EST on September 8th, 2017. Good luck!

Coral-Mine Giveaway

Terms & Conditions: Open to residents of Canada and the USA, 18 years of age or older. Confirmed winner(s) will be contacted via email and have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be drawn. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Prize fulfillment is the responsibility of the sponsor(s). Canadian winners must successfully complete a skill testing question. For questions or to see your product featured on Maman on the Trail blog contact Monica at

Meemaw Mentions -


Welcome to “Meemaw Mentions” – a new semi-regular blog series brought to you by my mom/Huckleberry’s Meemaw. Merianne, a.k.a. Meemaw, is a 51-year old mom to three beautiful daughters and Meemaw to four grandchildren with one more on the way. She decided a few years ago that it was time to lose some weight, get in shape and start enjoying life. She became a lifeguard again, as well as a swim/aquafit and fitness instructor at the Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre in Belleville. She loves swimming, cycling, running, hiking, kayaking and everything related to healthy living! She also recently bought a cottage that she and her husband are finishing, it is affording them more time with family and more time outside!


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