Humans of the Outdoors: Tyler

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Humans of the Outdoors- Tyler -

A note from Maman on the Trail:

Meet Tyler, a human of the outdoors. Tyler lives in Calgary, Alberta and gets outdoors with his wife and dog, and also with friends. Here is his story…

On his time outdoors…

I get outside as often as I can! I am an avid hiker, paddler, and mountain biker in the summer months and spend a lot of time snowboarding and cross-country skiing during the winter. I am also an Alberta Parks Ambassador, Outdoor Editor for the Calgary Guardian, and I host my own outdoor-themed blog. Most of the time I’m with my wife and our dog, but I also like to spend time outside with good friends. I am rarely alone on my adventures.

Humans of the Outdoors- Tyler -

On inspiring a life-long affinity for the outdoors…

As a Physical Education teacher, I am a firm believer in life-long physical activity. I get bored easily and do not like to just sit still. I have a passion for being active outdoors and would much rather be outside doing something fun than sitting inside watching TV.

I will be at a brand new school in the fall and teaching grades 4-8. I like to lead by example and show them that there’s more to the world to explore beyond their screens. Getting kids outside at an early age can have profound effects as they continue to grow!

Humans of the Outdoors- Tyler -

On an unforgettable trip to the backcountry…

Oh where do I begin! This was an unforgettable trip! A couple of summers ago, a friend and I decided to canoe to Grey Owl’s Cabin in the Prince Albert National Park backcountry. The trip was filled with adventure including knee-deep mud during portages, a brief moment of getting lost, capsizing our boat, getting wind-stranded, a food shortage, an unexpected 25km hike, a near-encounter with a black bear, and ultimately a moon-lit escape from the backcountry. Definitely a trip neither of us will ever forget! Read more about it here.

On adventuring with a dog…

I love adventuring with my dog and she might even like it more than me! She is always game for anything (hiking, biking, paddling, skiing) and never complains. The biggest challenge is keeping her on leash at times because she’d rather explore on her own even though that’s not always possible. Otherwise the challenges are pretty minimal. She doesn’t need much (food, treats, water) and she even has her own backpack to carry her items. I also put together a mini First Aid kit with some dog-specific items that I wouldn’t have in my regular kit.

Humans of the Outdoors- Tyler -

On his role as an Alberta Parks Ambassador…

I applied to be an ambassador three years ago (this summer will be my third as a volunteer with them). I wanted to promote parks via social media and blogging and thought it would be a great opportunity. When I was accepted to the program I was really excited and have been going strong ever since. Being an ambassador definitely inspires me to get out more and see new places. I’ve been to parks/campgrounds that I would have never visited before becoming an ambassador. It’s not easy picking favourites, but a few I really enjoy are Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, West Bragg Creek Provincial Recreation Area, and Spray Valley Provincial Park.

Humans of the Outdoors- Tyler -

On his work with the Calgary Guardian

This is just an extension of my passion for the outdoors and sharing outdoor-related content/stories. They were looking for volunteer writers so I decided to throw my hat into the mix and see where it went. I have been the Outdoor Editor for a few years now and am always looking for new stories to share with my readers.

A little Q & A…

Q: What is your go-to adventure snack?

A: I am a BIG fan of Twizzlers, so I usually have a bag with me in my pack!

Q: What piece of gear do you never leave the house without?

A: My camera! I love documenting my adventures and sharing them with others when I’m back.

Q: What is your favourite nature quote, and who said it first?

A: “Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.” ~ Edward Abbey

Q: What one piece of advice would you share with someone who is wary of or new to the outdoors?

A: Start small and work your way up to more challenging adventures. Nobody expects you to hike 30km with a backpack or ski black diamond runs if you’ve never done it before. Like anything else give yourself time to grow and get more comfortable outside and you won’t be a newbie for long!

Humans of the Outdoors- Tyler -

For more of Tyler’s stories and adventures, you can check out his blog, Get Me Outdoors, read his articles in the Calgary Guardian, or follow him on Instagram, @tcdixon3.

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