Be Power Smart this Summer (Take Over Tuesday)

 Be Power Smart this Summer (Take Over Tuesday) -

Welcome to the Take Over Tuesday guest post series. I will be featuring posts by fellow bloggers and outdoors enthusiasts. Do you have some expertise or a great story to share? Consider submitting something to the Humans of the Outdoors series or contacting me directly.

Today’s feature is from Jennifer of Sovereign. Jennifer is the content manager for Sovereign, a UK-based air-conditioning company. She is passionate about environmental issues and enjoys creating content based on climate change and greener living. 

Be Power Smart this Summer

The majority of people agree that climate change is real, and are also in agreement that it is the responsibility of everybody on the planet to make the necessary changes to halt, and hopefully reverse, its effect. One of the main ways in which the average person can help to reduce the impact of climate change is by endeavouring to use less energy in the home. Not only is this beneficial for the environment, but lower power consumption also means lower energy bills in most cases!

Many people associate high energy use in the home with the colder and darker winter months when you need the extra heating and lighting to keep your home comfortable. However, during the summer months, energy use can still be high due to efforts to keep your home cooler, i.e. fans and air conditioning units, as well as fridges and freezers that are working overtime to keep food fresh and cool on warm days.

Reducing your energy usage in the home is easier than you may think, and often requires only minimal changes and little effort on your part. This useful infographic from Sovereign Planned Services Ltd features a number of great tips to help you be more power smart this summer…

 Be Power Smart this Summer (Take Over Tuesday) -

9 thoughts on “Be Power Smart this Summer (Take Over Tuesday)

  1. Sarah alexis

    I feel like summer is a great time of year to remember the importance of being power-smart! I try my best to reduce our consumption each year 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I’m always very careful about switching off light and appliances that aren’t in use. My toaster for example has a constant display on , what on earth would I need that for when the toaster isn’t being used, what a waste of electricity and my money!

  3. Leigh Kitchens

    Good info. I try to do a lot of these, but I had not thought about the changing the vacuum one. I’ll add it to my list!

  4. M Hobson

    A lot of reminders here for us. We try to use as little lights as possible, and cleaning out the vacuum is one we forget!

  5. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I always used to hang my clothes outside, the smelled great and didn’t often need an iron. Here though we only have tiny garden and the community doesn’t allow you to dry clothes outside – it seems it would ruin the view of those taking a walk around the lake. What annoys me are the clocks that are on so many appliances – on 90% I don’t need a clock but it’s there ticking away energy.


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