WHEAT Rain Jacket & Overall Review

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WHEAT Canada rain set review - mamanonthetrail.com

I received these items at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own. 

We are big proponents of the one-piece rain suit. We tend to just throw one on over whatever Huckleberry happens to be wearing, for rainy days and romping around. We leave one at daycare all the time. We even paired one with an insulation layer as a snowsuit all winter long. We love them! But as Huckleberry gets a little older, and the weather gets a little warmer, it seems excessive to always be throwing him into a one-piece rain suit. We feel silly running to the grocery store on a rainy day with him either underdressed in just a sweater or overdressed in full rain gear. And he now successfully romps around without getting his top half dirty, so why cover that part of him up as it gets warmer? He also seems to grow out of the one-piece suits in weird ways, like just the arms, or just the body. So what did we do? Well, we acquired a two-piece rain jacket and overall set from WHEAT Canada, of course!

WHEAT Canada rain set review - mamanonthetrail.com

We are nothing but pleased with our WHEAT rain jacket and overall set and all that it offers in the way of versatility, comfort, functionality and style! Obviously, we’ll throw our next little one into a one-piece rain suit up until at least a year for ease (and hey! WHEAT makes one-piece rainsuits as well), but having a two-piece for toddlers and older kids really opens up the clothing and activity options! We can put just the jacket on for running errands on rainy days. We can snap the hood off of the jacket if he’s playing in a wet place but it’s not actively raining. We can throw on just the overalls for some romping around on a sunny day. And we can deck him out in the whole outfit when it’s raining and/or he’s tearing around in the outdoors. We’ve actually done all of the above and we’ve only had the set for 6 weeks!

WHEAT Canada rain set review - mamanonthetrail.com

Along with our WHEAT rain jacket and overall set, we also received a merino wool underwear set that is just the cutest thing ever! You can read my post about winter layering to learn more about why we absolutely LOVE merino wool, and I have to tell you, having a singlet and underwear to work with in terms of layering is amazing! We didn’t get a chance to use them on any really cold days, but this underwear set would work well under just about anything – whether another layer of wool or some fleece, pants and a long sleeve on a not-so-chilly day or by themselves on a warmer day. We put the underwear on over a diaper for extra leak protection while camping. We’ve dressed Huckleberry in the singlet under a sweater for extra warmth and temperature regulation. And we’ve let him romp around the apartment in both pieces on a day too warm for more clothing than that. I can see this cute little merino wool underwear set being perfect for those hot sticky summer days when going topless is almost too hot, as the merino wool wicks away moisture and actually helps keep you cool.

The Stars of the Show: WHEAT Rain Jacket and Overall Set & Merino Wool Underwear Set featuring…

WHEAT Canada rain set review - mamanonthetrail.com

  1. Elastic around the hood opening to keep in secured in place.
  2. Back tab for easy hanging, plus a name & address label (the same label can be found inside the overalls as well).
  3. Raglan sleeves that extend in one piece from underarm to collarbone for an undefined look, more freedom of movement, and wider fit in underarm.
  4. Chin-saver to keep the zipper from catching or rubbing against the chin.
  5. Elastic cuffs on sleeves.
  6. Elastic at side of hem.
  7. Reflective zipper and emblem for low-light visibility.
  8. Soft, flexible, durable 100% Polyurethane fabric.
  9. Elastic cuffs at ankles.
  10. Adjustable and removable rubber stirrups.
  11. Removable hood.
  12. Adjustable elastic shoulder straps.
  13. Side snaps to adjust fit.
  14. Soft, stretchy 100% merino wool singlet (available as a spaghetti strap for girls).
  15. Wide fit in underarms.
  16. Thin elastic waistband for comfortable layering.
  17. Long fit at waist for tucking in.
  18. Extra layer of fabric typical in underwear.

What we love about our WHEAT Kids Clothing:

Rain Jacket and Overall Set:

  • It fits well and has room to grow! Knowing that Huckleberry tends to fit in the next size up from his age, we grabbed him a 2Y instead of an 18M and we’re so happy we did. The 2Y is almost too big for him, and he would’ve been comfortable in an 18M but the fit features on these sets make it easy to make him comfortable and there are another few seasons in this suit, at least. The elastic cuffs on the sleeves and legs keep his hands and feet from getting lost. The elastic at the sides of the jacket hem keeps it snug around his waist. The side snaps on the overalls allow for a snugger fit there. And the shoulder straps are elastic, adjustable, and can be crisscrossed for an even tighter fit.
  • It is soft yet tough! The100% Polyurethane fabric that the set is made from is both soft and durable. It fits comfortably and allows for a lot of easy movement, but can also withstand the use and abuse of a toddler on a mission while protecting the outfit underneath!
  • It is waterproof and windproof yet breathable! The fabric is also both waterproof and breathable. The heat-sealed seams prevent leaks, the raglan sleeves keep the water rolling off the shoulders, and out sweaty baby does not get sweaty in this rain gear.
  • It is functional! As one would hope, this rain set does exactly what it is supposed to do. It keeps your little adventurer dry while they explore the outdoors. Speaking of the outdoors, WHEAT Kids Clothing is designed with the wild child in mind – built for the outdoors, designed to last through growth and use, has pockets and is machine washable! 
  • It is fashionable! Not only is this rain set functional, but it is also super cute and can be paired with a dressier outfit for a rainy day on the town. The available colours are soft and beautiful the design is sleek, and the raglan sleeves offer a fitted and less boxy look.
  • It is so versatile! The jacket and overalls can be worn separately. The hood can be detached. The set can be worn pretty much year round on any and all of your family’s adventure. What else could you ask for from your rain gear?
  • It has elastic cuffs, hips and hood opening! The elastic on the cuffs is tight enough to keep the sleeves from falling over hands and the legs from becoming tripping hazards, but not so snug to leave marks. The elastic on the hips keeps the jacket from riding up. And the elastic around the hood makes a cozy place for a warm, dry face.
  • It has stirrups! The first time I wore Huckleberry with his rain boots on I spent the entire hike holding them onto his dangling feet. These stirrups solve that problem and more! Adjustable in length, and removable, these rubber foot straps are worn over shoes or boots to keep the pant legs from riding up, and to keep footwear from getting lost in the trail.
  • It comes with a little carry bag! An adorable little waterproof backpack, perfect for your little explorer! You can use the carry bag to store your rain gear when it’s not in use, to pack it along on adventures, or to carry treasures that you’ve found while out and about.
  • It has inside tabs for hanging and a name and address label! The jacket has inside tabs for hanging on a hook and both pieces have a full name and address label. Both of these features make this set great for sending to daycare.

WHEAT Canada rain set review - mamanonthetrail.com

Merino Wool Underwear Set:

  • It is merino wool! Merino wool is by far our favourite material for Huckleberry to wear. If we could build an entire wardrobe of just merino wool, we would, and we wouldn’t need much. Merino wool has a lot of amazing features which give children the best protection against heat, cold, moisture, odour and UV rays. If you don’t yet own any merino wool for yourself or your little one, I highly recommend it!
  • It is the perfect little base layer! It is snug but stretchy and thin enough to fit under just about anything to help keep Babe a little warmer and a little dryer.
  • It is so versatile! This merino wool underwear set can be worn as a base layer, on its own, as underwear, or over a diaper (cloth or disposable) for extra leak protection.

WHEAT Canada:

  • It is Danish designed! Have you seen the NaturePlay Film? The Danes know a thing or two about raising wild children and designing clothes for outdoor play!
  • It is owned by outdoorsy parents & grandparents, just like you! Aaron & Kat discovered WHEAT and HAD to bring it to Canada because they know we need more clothing like this here. They are parents, just like you and I, trying to raise a wild child and looking for high-quality, functional and fashionable clothing designed with the outdoorsy child in mind.
  • It is organized into colour stories! If you’re looking to outfit your child exclusively in one brand, you’ve found it! Their entire line is organized into “colour stories” for easy dressing, multiple outfit pairings, and the ultimate minimalist wardrobe.
  • It is available in sizes 3mo. – 14yrs.! One-stop shopping for all of your wild children!

WHEAT Canada rain set review - mamanonthetrail.com

What we would change if we could:

  • It is not made in Canada. When you shop WHEAT Kids Clothing you are supporting a Canadian family, but unfortunately the clothing itself is not made here, which bums us out a little.

WHEAT Canada rain set review - mamanonthetrail.com

If you want to shop WHEAT Kids Clothing, head to their site now and shop colour stories, sales, outerwear and wool! They also have exclusive coupons and giveaways that you can learn about by subscribing to their newsletter at the bottom of their homepage.

Which is your favourite feature of the Rain Jacket and Overall Set?

WHEAT Canada rain set review - mamanonthetrail.com


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Enter below for a chance to win rain gear for your little one in your choice of style, size and colour. See the whole collection here.

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22 thoughts on “WHEAT Rain Jacket & Overall Review

  1. Amanda Joosten

    This is super Cute and would be super effictive for us chicagolands!! Lol love how it is like overalls so they stay up better

  2. Janet M

    I like the adjustable shoulder straps and that there is a wide fit in the underarms to allow to for movement.

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  4. nicky

    I love that it is waterproof and windproof yet breathable! Makes it handy to keep kiddo dry when playing in the rain, but won’t make her hot and sweaty like other rain suits.


    My Favorite part of this WHEAT KIDS CLOTHING Rain Jacket & Overall Pants set is between the Carry Bag that it comes in, and the Side snaps at top to adjust fit that are on the overall rain pants..

  6. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I like a lot of these features, one that sticks out is the Raglan sleeves that extend in one piece from underarm to collarbone, which gives more freedom of movement so it should last well. 🙂


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