Top 5 Hikes in New South Wales, Australia (Take Over Tuesday)

Top 5 Hikes in New south Wales Australia -

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Today’s feature is from Olivia of Great Lost. Olivia is a traveller, foodie and amateur photographer. Having just come back from a trip to Sri Lanka she is currently inspired, and can’t stop cooking up lentil curries, and okra feasts. Olivia’s love for food has inspired her to book the next big adventure, with bag in tow she will jet off to South East Asia later in the year. Check out her Instagram, @oliblost, and blog, Great Lost, for more!

Top 5 Hikes in New South Wales, Australia

There are so many treks in New South Wales to keep you busy. Whether you’re after a three-day trek to test your skills and endurance, or you want a one-day adventure that finishes with a look out over the Tasman Sea, we have you covered with this guide to the top five walks to take in NSW.

Top 5 Hikes in New south Wales Australia -

Six Foot Track

If you’re after a long weekend trek that will test your skills, try your hand at the Six Foot Track in the Blue Mountains. The first day sees you descending into the valley and camping at Cox River. The second day takes around nine hours as you ascend towards the Black Range campsite, which is 19km from your Cox River. On your final day finish with the amazing Jenolan Caves, the shortest of the three days, this walk should only take you around four hours to complete.

Top 5 Hikes in New south Wales Australia -

Coast Track

One of the most beautiful walks along the coast. This trek takes you around two days to complete and offers spectacular sites and amazing campgrounds. See the phenomenal Figure Eight Pools –check tides before you go as this area can be dangerous at high tide – or grab a photo atop the iconic Wedding Cake rock. Spend the night at North Era, one of the few beachside camping spots in the country. Wake up on the second day for a morning swim before finishing off your trek, and heading home.

Top 5 Hikes in New south Wales Australia -

Mount Kosciuszko Summit

This short 9km walk will take you to the summit of Australia’s largest mountain; Mount Kosciuszko. The trek requires around ten hours return, so pack yourself a hearty lunch and set off on a spectacular adventure. Make sure to check the weather ahead of the trek as snowfall can cause closures on the track. The surrounding region is stunning so spending a few days is definitely worthwhile.


Top 5 Hikes in New south Wales Australia -

Light to Light

Another longer trek, the Light to Light walk is 30km one way and requires walkers to undertake either a two- or three-day trek. With amazing beaches, spectacular flora and fauna amongst other things, this walk in the South Coast is an Australian icon. Spend hours marvelling at the Red Cliffs, or take a dip at the Saltwater Creek Beach, Light to Light has something for every kind of traveller.


Top 5 Hikes in New south Wales Australia -

Mount Gower

This 14km ascent is one of the main attractions of Lord Howe Island and has also been voted one of Australia’s best day walks. This rope assisted climb can only be undertaken with a guide due to the sheer drops. But rest assured you will not regret having a guide with you as their wealth of knowledge on the area makes a great walk. The view from the top is absolutely breathtaking so whatever you do, do not forget your camera!

Top 5 Hikes in New south Wales Australia -

Make sure to check in with local websites for weather information leading up to your hike. Remember that in Australia we face weather extremes, so the middle of summer is very hot, and the middle of winter can see snowfall – prepare accordingly. If you are worried about snakes, foxes, dingos or any other native wildlife you could come into contact with check guides online before you go.

9 thoughts on “Top 5 Hikes in New South Wales, Australia (Take Over Tuesday)

  1. Andrea Amy

    Wow these pictures look so beautiful. I’ve never been out of Canada before! I’ve always wanted to travel to Australia. Maybe one day!

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I’ve been to Australia twice, however I was babysitting for my daughter each time so I didn’t get to see too much of the country. I do wish the flight were shorter and cheaper too as I’d love to spend more time there.


    Australia has some mind blowing scenic view’s that I never knew existed before reading the above article..I would Love to take my family there (if we could ever afford to do so that is)..It is still nice however to read about and to check out other’s photo’s 🙂

  4. Angelehm

    How I would love to visit Australia! I would pick midwinter for my visit and start in Mildura where I have a longtime friend. There is so much of her country she has never seen . Dreaming the Dream Thanks for the info too.


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