ParrotFish Jewelry Co. Teething Accessories Review

I received these items at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own. 

Mitten weather is officially over and Huckleberry’s hands have been busy in the carrier! Anyone else familiar with the hair-pulling, neck massages, shoulder pats and hand chewing associated with a busy baby on your back? We were so happy when Katarina of ParrotFish Jewelry Co., an Ottawa-based mom-owned company, approached us to review some teething accessories perfect for babywearing! She wondered if we might be interested in a pacifier clip and matching teething necklace and I said, “Yes please!”. She surprised us by coordinating them with our favourite carrier and including a funky owl teether, since Huckleberry doesn’t take a soother. Let’s just say we are all much happier hikers now that Huckleberry’s hands are busy and teething pain is eased.

ParrotFish Jewelry Co. Teething Accessories -

Katarina, like most mompreneurs, saw a void that needed to be filled. She says, “When I was pregnant I started a jewelry company, it was mostly glass-beaded jewelry geared towards women. Right before my son was born, I was looking for teething necklaces and saw I wasn’t really loving the selection. They were either too expensive, or the beads went all the way around the neck and would get caught in my hair, or I didn’t love the colours, or they were too gaudy for my taste. The point is I was picky. So I looked up Canadian guidelines and I made my own! I’ve since expanded the line to Silicone pacifier clips as well since I noticed my little guy soaking all of his fabric ones because he was chewing on them.” The birth of ParrotFish Jewelry Co.! And the name “ParrotFish”? “I am a scuba diver and one of my favourite sounds in the world is the crunch crunch of parrot fish munching away on coral. What better name for a company that provides jewelry for your little parrot fish to munch on!” So cute!

ParrotFish Jewelry Co. Teething Accessories -

We have had the pacifier clip firmly attached to the toy loop of our carrier since it arrived in the mail. The necklace, on the other hand, has not seen as much use. This isn’t to say that I don’t love it, but that Huckleberry loves it a little too much. If I were still wearing him on the front it would be a delight, and as such, I’ll get a lot of use out of it when we’re ready for Trail Baby #2 to come along. However, right now, it’s a strangle hazard for Maman or a fun game of “take it off…now put it back on”, so I tend not to wear it too much. If you have a little one still on your front, I’m sure you’ll see more use of the necklace than the pacifier clip. To each their own, I suppose!

The Star of the Show: ParrotFish Jewelry Co. Pacifier Clip & Teething Necklace featuring…

ParrotFish Jewelry Co. Teething Accessories -

  1. 100% food-grade silicone teething accessories (beads & teethers) made with materials that are: 100% non-toxic, BPA-free, lead-free, PVC-free, mercury-free, phthalate-free, and that adhere to CPS Guidelines for Child Safety.
  2. Durable pop clasp that releases under tension.
  3. Safe, non-toxic satin nylon cord.
  4. Necklaces, pacifier clips and teethers are available in fun, fashionable and/or custom colour combos.
  5. Loop on pacifier clip that is large enough to accommodate pacifier, teether, or toy.
  6. Easy to use, durable and secure wood & metal pacifier clip that is: lead-free, nickel-free, phthalate-free, latex-free, nitrosamine-free, BPA-free and PVC-free, with excellent quality, strong grip and fashionable design.

What we love about our ParrotFish Jewelry Co. Pacifier Clip & Teething Necklace:

  • They are fashionable and functional! They serve a purpose (entertaining your grabby, teething babe) while also maintaining a degree of fashion, which is important to the mom who made the effort to put jeans on today. Whether you choose a necklace or a pacifier clip and coordinate it with your outfit, carrier or stroller, you’ll be happy knowing that it’s safe for your baby to chew on and looks good!
  • The pacifier clip is multipurpose! The loop on the pacifier clip is made large enough to accommodate a pacifier, a teether or a toy – this makes it versatile, built to last through multiple children despite their chewing preferences, and helpful on the trail (to secure a treasured pacifier or toy to the carrier). We love multipurpose items!
  • They match our OnyaBaby Outback! I mean, come on! How cool is that?! We wear our OnyaBaby carrier almost daily and not much matches the brown and green that we love. Sporting a teething toy that coordinates adds a level of fun and puts a smile on my face. ParrotFish Jewelry Co. will make custom necklaces and pacifier clips to match just about anything you own, just give them a week or so to get the necessary colours in!
  • They are perfect for on the go! I don’t want to be juggling with extra items when we’re on the go, but these wearable and clippable pieces are perfect for on the trail, in the car, on the town, and more!
  • They are durable! This isn’t the first pacifier clip we’ve owned, but the first clip was plastic and fell apart in my hands while I clipped it to a carseat strap. This one is different – it holds tight and it built to last. Perfect for our rugged activities!
  • They are easy to clean! A little bit of warm soapy water and they are as good as new again. This is necessary when we live with a dog and spend a lot of time outside. These items get dirty and if they weren’t easy to clean, well, we wouldn’t be using them.
  • They are made in Canada! We love to support local and Ottawa was our home for 5 years. We also love to support small business and ParrotFish Jewelry Co. definitely qualifies!

What we would change if we could:

  • The string and clasp don’t coordinate with the beads. This might just be me being a little too particular, but the string is beige, the clasp is grey, and the beads are brown and green. I’m not sure which colour I would take in place of the grey and beige, but the way it is now bothers me just a little. However, Katarina is happy to custom make anything for you and the necklaces and clips available on her site all appear to be coordinated very well.

ParrotFish Jewelry Co. Teething Accessories -

ParrotFish Jewelry Co. has recently moved most of their stock to one of our favourite shops, Gentle Nest! So you can shop there, or online at, or better yet, send along a custom request to Katarina and get some teething accessories to match your style! Pacifier Clips and Teething Necklaces range in price from $14 CAD to $20 CAD depending on number and size of beads. If you’re feeling lucky and have some time to spare…check out the giveaway below before you shop!

How to you keep your little ones busy on the trail?

ParrotFish Jewelry Co. Giveaway -

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15 thoughts on “ParrotFish Jewelry Co. Teething Accessories Review

  1. Leigh Kitchens

    My 6 mo. old grandson loves silicon teethers, but them he drops them on the floor (of course). I now ‘get’ why they have teething necklaces. LOL. No picking the teether up from the floor over and over and OVER again!

  2. Amber Ludwig

    I absolutely LOVED Hylands teething tablets and am sad they aren’t in the US anymore 🙁 We also loved cold fruit in the mesh feeders and Sophie the giraffe 🙂

  3. Jaclyn Bartlett

    My toddler is currently cutting 4 molars at once! Eek. She would probably love gnawing on one of these.

  4. Jessica Rouse

    I have not had the pleasure of dealing with a teething child YET. But I’ve been doing some reading on it. Any advice is so helpful. Thank you for this honest review and the chance to win. Would be so amazing.

  5. Tanya N

    I’m still a ways off from teething but I imagine a product like this will come in handy when we get there. I love how it matches your carrier!


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