5 Reasons to Take Your Kids Camping (Take Over Tuesday)

5 Reasons to Take Your Kids Camping - mamanonthetrail.com

Welcome to the Take Over Tuesday guest post series. I will be featuring posts by fellow bloggers and outdoors enthusiasts. Do you have some expertise or a great story to share? Consider submitting something to the Humans of the Outdoors series or contacting me directly.

Today’s feature is from David Gray. David has been an avid adventurer and explorer for as long as he can remember. Any exploration or adventure is something he has always loved to experience, and camping is one way he loves to explore and adventure. He is always camping with kids and has learned a few tricks that he thinks will benefit you. David writes at Best Tent For You, and you can also follow him on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. 

5 Reasons to Take Your Kids Camping

#1 – The World is Better Without Technology

As technology continues to boom, electronics can be a real distraction. With apps, video games, and social media, it is hard for children to learn things without a device. As soon as they are old enough to use an iPad, they learn how to play games. As they age, they move on to texting their significant other or playing “Call of Duty” for hours. But, camping can really change that. Real quality time is found with camping. Just think how much fun you will have with your kids while keeping warm over an open fire with marshmallows close by. You could play games like flashlight tag and go to bed stargazing until you fall asleep. What great lessons you and your children will learn way away from electronic devices.

#2 – It Teaches Your Children Survival Skills and Independence

How great is it when your children grow older and they know how to fend for themselves? This is a great time to help them learn survival skills while having fun at the same time. Do not be the parent that does everything for them. They need to develop understanding on their own, and they will remember those things better because you taught them in a fun and exciting way. Children will gain so much knowledge and many life lessons from camping. Teach them to fish, build their own shelter, and create a fire to keep themselves warm. Through these lessons, your children will become more and more confident with themselves as they struggle through tasks, but ultimately figure them out without your help later in life. These trips will also teach them self-sufficiency. And who knows, maybe the things you teach your children while camping will pave the way for future self-improvement.

5 Reasons to Take Your Kids Camping - mamanonthetrail.com

#3 – It Keeps Your Kiddos Kickin

Nothing is better than some good physical activity to keep your kids fit and healthy. It is so much easier to keep them active when you and your family are out camping. Many more calories are burned doing various camping activities, than just sitting in front of the television, and these activities will be so much fun. In general, camping needs much physical output. This output can occur in hiking, fishing, hunting, setting up your tent, or collecting wood for the fire. To keep a campsite in order, it will take a lot of energy so make sure you have more than enough food to keep you and your family nourished and energized. If your children are active at a young age, they will have that drive to stay fit and in shape as they get older.

#4 – Time Slows or Even Stops

Life sure seems to go on cruise control a lot of the time. There are not enough hours in the day to spend with your children and your children feel the same way. With lives controlled by a clock, camping is a break from the ordinary grind of a day. Well, understand that time will not actually stop for you while camping but it will seem that you have a lot more time on your hands. The possibilities for fun will seem endless. When camping, the only control from a clock involves arriving and departing from your adventure. The sun and moon can help you from there. Without looking at the clock, your weekend will seem like an eternity.

5 Reasons to Take Your Kids Camping - mamanonthetrail.com

#5 – Camping Is Fun (But Only If You Don’t Skimp on Gear)

Camping is an opportunity to make lifelong memories and a deep connection to nature. To make sure that camping with your kids will be fun, never ever skimp on gear. One of the most important pieces of camping gear is the tent, so pick a good one. A bad quality tent is a nightmare but a good tent will make any nightmare seem downright cozy. Take note of the material your tent is made from, and also be aware of how many people you will need to fit in one tent. Ask some of these questions: How much ventilation do you need? Do you want an electric access port? What kind of warranty do you need with your rambunctious kids? Your answers to these questions will help you with choosing the best tent.

Have great time preparing for your camping adventure!

8 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Take Your Kids Camping (Take Over Tuesday)

  1. Michael

    Fully agree. Making those memories together is one of our favorite things. It takes a fair amount of preparation but that’s really all it is – prep. No magic. Just a good plan and execution. 🙂

  2. Frank

    I think getting in the habit of setting aside time for camping is half the battle. I agree that investing in equipment would make our camping trips even more enjoyable.

  3. tara e

    I’d love to take my kids camping this next summer! We just got back from a 2.5 week vacation driving around the Yucatan in Mexico with our 6 yo, 3 yo and 2 yo and they did amazing! I’d love to see how they would do camping.

  4. Amber Ludwig

    Yes yes yes!!! We haven’t done camping yet with our son but I cannot wait to!! Hubby and I love it and we are hoping our son does too!


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