Staying Safe & Cozy this Winter: Canadian Baby Poncho Review

Canadian Baby Poncho Review -
I received this item at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own. 

Baby, it’s cold outside! Time to bust out hats and mittens and boots and snowsuits! Most of those items can be used to keep kids warm just about anywhere, but snowsuits and car seats don’t mix. So what to do?

Well, we actually decided to forgo the snowsuit completely in an attempt to purchase more multipurpose items and fewer single-purpose items. When we are outside enjoying all that nature has to offer, Huckleberry can be found layered in merino wool, fleece and a waterproof one-piece suit – all of which can be used on their own or in varying combinations throughout the entire year. And when we need an extra layer of warmth, we reach for our Canadian Baby Poncho!

Canadian Baby Poncho Review -

We have already found SO many uses for our Canadian Baby Poncho and it’s not even technically winter yet. In the car, we often have Huckleberry in just a light layer of clothing and the poncho, which can easily be pulled back if he gets too warm on a long drive. When we’re out in the elements between the car and our building or a store, we simply leave the poncho on him to keep him nice and cozy. It’s also perfect in the stroller and in a shopping cart. We can’t wait to try it out in a toboggan! And it would also be great around a bonfire, at a hockey game, in a bike trailer, on a winter picnic, as a picnic blanket, while snuggling on the couch and on the floor for sitting, napping or playing on. And those are just the uses that I can think of right now off the top of my head. So versatile!

Canadian Baby Poncho Review -

What started out as a safe alternative to thick or puffy clothing in a car seat has since become an incredible multipurpose item that will see you from infancy through childhood and more. Note that it is not recommended for use with children under 6 months of age.

The Star of the Show: the Canadian Baby Poncho featuring…

Canadian Baby Poncho Review -

  1. Outside layer of igloo fleece in a fun (or licensed) print
  2. Brass snaps to adjust the size of the opening for neck or waist, and to fit it over big noggins
  3. Inside layer of baby lamb fleece in a basic coordinating colour
  4. Knotted “seam” with no threads to slowly come undone after the inevitable washes
  5. Generous opening for head or waist with rounded corners to prevent tearing

What we love about our Canadian Baby Poncho:

  • It is so versatile! I have already listed a bajillion uses for it above (shame on you if you didn’t read them all!) and if you’ve been around for a while you know how much I LOVE multipurpose items, so this is a HUGE plus for us. We live in an apartment and I just spent an entire month decluttering; anything that is still here gets used everyday, serves a very important purpose, or serves many purposes. Technically, this poncho falls into all three of those categories. It can also be worn snug around Baby’s neck or loose around his waist. And if you for one second think that this poncho is only useful in the cold months, let me tell you that as well as it keeps the car seat warm in the winter, it will keep it cool in the summer. Simply lay it over the car seat while you’re not using it, and the sun won’t heat up all those dark and metal parts.
  • It is thick & warm! With two thick layers of fleece how could it be anything but warm? No wind that I’ve ever seen can cut through it and it’s weight will keep it nice and snug around your little one. I wish the neck hole was big enough that we could tandem wear it to and from the car, I’m a little jealous of how cozy it is!
  • It is well made! Each poncho is hand made with high quality fleece and brass snaps. The most wear and tear that you’ll see will probably come from the washing machine and will probably involve nothing more than two quick knots to remedy. These ponchos are nearly indestructible! I should know because I am anything but gentle in my haste and gracelessness.
  • It will last us through many stages! This is really just a reiteration of the previous 3 points. With so many uses, such high-quality thick, warm fabric, and excellent design, we will be using this poncho for years to come. And that makes my eco-conscious and budget-conscious mind very happy.
  • It is very affordable! Speaking of budget, a Canadian Baby Poncho will set you back $65 CAD, which to some may sound like a lot. But let’s do a little math: Baby’s first winter you buy a snowsuit, that’s about $100 for a good quality new one. Baby’s second winter, oh no, that snow suit doesn’t fit anymore, so there’s another $100. But wait, now you’re loading Baby into the car and he can’t wear his new snowsuit anyway, but it’s cold, so you need a blanket, there’s $25. And it’s time for Christmas shopping so you’re in and out of the car and several stores and Baby is in a full sweat in the fleece suit you thought would be perfect since he can’t wear his snowsuit in the car, and this one costs you time not money, dressing and undressing your little one and getting yourself worked up into a full sweat. And then there’s the grocery store and all of the germs and your friend convinces you that you MUST get one of those cart covers, so there’s another $30. But if you had just spent the $65 on a Canadian Baby Poncho you could have avoided spending a couple hundred dollars and some time and tears. Rambling, done!
  • It is made in Canada! Bonus points! I love Canadian-made products and well, this product is so Canadian that it’s even in the name! To be more precise though, they are made in Red Deer, Alberta.

Canadian Baby Poncho Review -

What we would change if we could:

  • It is hard to hang up. We do not have much in the way of an entryway. We have a teeny tiny “hall closet” where we store footwear and jackets, and on the door of that closet we hang the 2 jackets we are wearing most often. We’ve tried hanging the poncho there but the fabric is so thick that it’s hard to make it stay on the hook and it’s always falling down. If there was a loop sewn into the neck we could more easily hang it and not have to drape it over a dining room chair or the bench by the door. But this isn’t a make or break it kind of thing. Just an added convenience.

Canadian Baby Poncho Review -

Whether or not you decide to ditch snowsuits like us, I’m sure you can find at least 17 uses for a Canadian Baby Poncho today alone. From safe travels in a car seat to chilly nights watching the stars, your family needs a Canadian Baby Poncho, or 5 (I mean it depends on how many kids you have and whether or not you also want one, ha ha). You can head to Bre’s Facebook page, Canadian Baby Ponchos, to pick out your fabrics and then send her a message to place your order. One poncho is $65 CAD ($80 for licensed prints) and you can grab two of them for $125. Don’t delay…winter is coming.

Order by Friday, December 2nd and you will receive it by Christmas!

Canadian Baby Poncho Review - mamanonthetrail.comHow will you use your Canadian Baby Poncho?


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  4. Robyn Oram

    I’ve been wanting to get one of these just for in the carseat, didn’t even think about everywhere else to use it, most I’ve seen didn’t fit around the waist that’s so convenient!

  5. Danielle D

    This is something that I will absolutely look into buying or making. I loved the way you put buying more multipurpose items and that is a goal in our home too.

  6. Ashley Stone

    This poncho looks amazing. I keep seeing ponchos on my local buy and sell pages and honestly didn’t quite understand what the hype was all about. Thank you for your review and showing me a Canadian made poncho that I can get my son. I love that you pointed out that it can be used for more than just in the car seat. I would have never thought to leave it over the car seat in the summer to keep the metal from heating up. Awesome idea!

  7. Kristin C

    This is such a great idea. I hate having to get the kids out of their bulky jackets to get into their carseats. They always end up cold at some point in the process.

  8. Amber Ludwig

    I love that it’s thick and warm and affordable!! We get rough winters here in wisconsin too so I can really appreciate a warm option for my kiddo that is safe and wasy to use!

  9. Viv Sluys

    I love the size of this one! I always end up taking my daughter’s poncho off when i put her in the car because she doesn’t like it by her head but it looks like this one is big enough that it’s not going to be falling over her head!


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