How We Do: Packing for a Day Hike

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Packing for a Day Hike -

Ask and you shall receive! Here is a list of everything that we pack for a typical 4-8 hour day hike:

Packing for a Day Hike -

  1. Day Pack (we use a MEC Air Hike 22L with hideaway rain cover)
  2. Water (we use a CamelBak Antidote 3L Reservoir)
  3. Knife (we use a True Utility SmartKnife)
  4. First Aid Kit (we use a 79-piece camping First Aid Kit purchased a few years ago (continuously restocked & updated), but it has been discontinued – Adventure Medical Kits makes a comparable First Aid Kit)
  5. Emergency Whistle (we have a MEC sternum buckle whistle included with our day pack, but you can purchase one separately from Gear Aid and add it to your pack – then you never forget it)
  6. Flashlight (we use a Petzl TIKKA headlamp)
  7. Waterproof Matches (we use Coghlan’s waterproof matches)
  8. Hand Sanitizer (we often use Les produits de MaYa ointment instead)
  9. Toilet Paper (we take the cardboard out of the middle to make it more compact)
  10. Lip Balm (we use Burt’s Bees lip balm)
  11. Garbage Bag (we use a Planet Wise small reusable wet bag)
  12. Extra Clothing (this depends on the weather and we pack extra clothing for all 3 of us)
  13. Food (we tend to pack trail mix, granola bars, meat & cheese, fruits & veggies, and sandwiches)
  14. Diaper Bag (we use a Funky Fluff double pocket wet bag with our Lil Helper charcoal change mat, a diaper and wipes in the front pocket.)
  15. Map (obviously this depends on where you are going, but waterproof paper is ideal and a compass is also useful)
  16. Selfie Stick (we use a ReTrak SelfieStick)

Not pictured, but necessary when hiking with a dog:

Packing for a Day Hike -

What would you add to the list?

13 thoughts on “How We Do: Packing for a Day Hike

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  2. Leigh Kitchens

    This is a great list, which included a lot of things I would not have thought about like a knife and waterproof matches. I always hook on a collapsable bowl for my dog too.

  3. Danielle D

    I love how you had everything organized outside the bag, I always have to do that before I pack too, but I tend to overpack so this is helpful for a reference!

  4. Amber Ludwig

    Oooh what a great list!! I don’t even think I would add anything!! Maybe bug repellent and sunblock just in case 🙂 The bugs here are AWFUL!!

  5. Diana Creelman

    This is a very helpful list. I would like to get more into hiking with my kids. I have a three year old and a 10 month old, but I am nervous about taking them out alone. Any tips for two kids one adult?


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