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Belly Bedaine Kangarooo Sweater review - mamanonthetrail.comI received this item at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own. 

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It’s getting chilly outside! But that doesn’t mean you should stay indoors. There are many “tools” out there to help you and your little ones continue to profit from a daily dose of Vitamin N, and the Belly Bedaine Maternity & Babywearing Kangarooo Sweater is a great one! Seriously, this might just be the most versatile article of clothing that I own, and I can wear it with out without a baby in it.


When we’re out on the trail these days, it often starts out quite chilly in the morning and can get almost balmy in the afternoons. This can make it difficult to dress for the weather. Layering is ideal, but having to stop and take Huckleberry out of the carrier each time I decide I’m too hot or too cold is such a pain in the butt! And that’s where a babywearing sweater, like theBelly Bedaine Maternity & Babywearing Kangarooo Sweater hops in and saves the day! I can put it on and take it off all while Huckleberry plays with my hair happily in his carrier. Plus, if it happens to be the only sweater I packed for the day and Huckleberry isn’t in the carrier, I’m not walking around with a big droopy hole in the front that says “Here are my boobs!” (That’s how I feel in other babywearing sweaters, ha ha). The Belly Bedaine Maternity & Babywearing Kangarooo Sweater can be worn by mom during pregnancy or for nursing and by mom or dad (or any other caregiver) for babywearing, on the front and the back. So cool!


The Belly Bedaine Maternity & Babywearing Kangarooo Sweater is perfect for EVERY season. Made from tight knit mesh jersey, it is warm yet breathable making it ideal for being active outside. Perfect for everyday use on its own in the spring and fall, great for chilly morning strolls or evening bonfires in the summer. And a great layer under your babywearing coat in the winter months. Mine has already seen some wind and snow and left me with no complaints. And on one particularly chilly morning, I threw a light long sleeve t-shirt on underneath without creating any extra bulk. It’s lightweight, fitted but not tight, and really comfortable to wear. I also didn’t hear any complaints from the monkey on my back, so I think he liked it too! Ok, so that might be a lie, he did complain the first few times I put it on, because I really had no idea what I was doing and left him momentarily drowning in sweater so he squawked at me. But then I found this instructional video and things got a lot easier!

The Star of the Show: the Belly Bedaine Maternity & Babywearing Kangarooo Sweater featuring…


  1. Loose-fitting cowl neck
  2. Drawstring to cinch the opening shut to keep Baby warm or to wear it without Baby inside
  3. Pass-through pocket to keep your hands warm
  4. Wide waistband combined with long sweater – great for wearing with leggings!
  5. Opening for Baby’s head
  6. Ruched fabric to fit an enormous belly or a baby in a carrier
  7. Side zipper for ease of putting it on and taking it off

What I love about my Belly Bedaine Maternity & Babywearing Kangarooo Sweater:

  • It is SO versatile! Maternity, breastfeeding, babywearing (front and back carry), and on its own: that’s how you can use this sweater. Which means that from the moment you first learn you are pregnant, until your last child is too big for the carrier, you can use this sweater. How many articles of clothing can you say that about? I can’t think of a single other one!
  • It is unisex! I consider this a major selling point for couples who are similar in size – then whoever is wearing the baby gets the sweater and you only need one! But it is also a pro for those that aren’t similar in size, mostly because there is a major lack of men’s babywearing clothing and that sucks! Bookworm LOVES to babywear and this sweater (in his size) would make it a much less sweaty and more comfortable experience for the both of them in this in between season.
  • It is light and breathable! This is so important for hiking, and for everyday use really. It isn’t at all bulky and you can layer underneath it or on top of it if needed. And you don’t feel the need to tear it off in between bouts of babywearing. It’s quick dry too! I love it for hiking – whether just on the little trail beside our place or out in the backcountry!
  • It fits well! And is so comfortable. It is loose enough to not restrict movement but snug enough to keep you warm and looking fashionable!
  • It is incredible value for price! The average sweater these days costs around $50 and it likely doesn’t do anything special. For $84 you can have this extremely versatile and shareable sweater built to last you through many stages of parenthood.
  • It is made entirely in Quebec! I love love love me some made in Canada gear! And every aspect of the Belly Bedaine Maternity & Babywearing Kangarooo Sweater is made in Quebec!

What I would change if I could:

  • It is only available in two colours. Grey and black. This keeps it easy to produce and gender neutral – but I’m a sucker for purples, teals and greens!
  • The drawstring doesn’t secure. It is great that you can cinch the opening shut with a string to either keep Babe nice and snug or wear the sweater without Babe in it, but aside from tying a knot that you’ll later regret, it’s tough to secure the drawstring. I would love to see a toggle of sorts on the drawstring.
  • You can’t easily access your baby. There are no little pockets that open up into the sweatshirt so that you can adjust the carrier or tickle Babe’s toes. This isn’t a deal breaker for me, especially while Huckleberry is older and on my back. But whenever Trail Baby #2 comes along and I’m front wearing again, I’ll want that access.
  • The cowl neck is too small. As the weather gets chillier I immediately reach for a scarf or neck warmer and was so excited that this sweater had a cowl neck. I was disappointed to discover how small and wide it was though. If it was a few inches longer or had its own drawstring it would be a whole lot cozier!


If you’re looking to get your hands on one of these life changing sweaters, you have a few options. You can head straight to Belly Bedaine’s website and purchase directly from the source. Or you can check out their extensive list of retailers to find someone local to you. But, in case you are not ready to buy one just yet and happen to be feeling lucky, I’m giving one away on Facebook! Check out the details below.

Belly Bedaine Kangaroo Sweater review -

To enter the giveaway you’ll want to head to my Facebook page BUT before you do…one of the bonus entries is to comment on this post with what you like best about the Belly Bedaine Maternity & Babywearing Kangarooo Sweater. So do that first, and then head to Maman on the Trail’s Facebook page.

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Belly Bedaine Kangarooo Sweater review -

Il fait frais ces jours-ci! Mais ce n’est pas un excuse de rester à l’intérieur. Il existe beaucoup d’outils qui vous aident à sortir avec vos petits et profiter de la vitamine “N” et le chandail Kangarooo de portage par Belly Bedaine est un outil superbe! Franchement, ce chandail est peut-être le vêtement le plus polyvalent que j’ai et je peut même pas le porter sans bébé.

Belly Bedaine Kangarooo Sweater review -

Dans ces jours, quand nous faisons de la randonnée, il fait frais le matin et plus chaud l’après-midi. C’est alors difficile de s’habiller selon le température. J’aimerais porter un t-shirt sous un chandail mais c’est énervant de m’arrêter et enlever Huckleberry du porte-bébé chaque fois que je décide que j’ai chaud ou j’ai froid. Et voilà le chandail de portage! Le chandail Kangarooo de portage par Belly Bedaine résout tous nos problèmes! Je peux le mettre et l’enlever tout pendant que Huckleberry joue heureusement avec mes cheveux dans son porte-bébé. De plus, si c’est le seul chandail que j’ai apporter et je n’ai pas Huckleberry dans le porte-bébé, je n’ai pas une grande trou sur ma poitrine qui dit “voici mes seins!” (Ça c’est comment je me sens en portant d’autres chandail de portage, haha). Le chandail Kangarooo de portage par Belly Bedaine pourrait être porté par maman pendant  la grossesse et pour l’allaitement et par maman ou papa (ou autre soignant) avec un porte-bébé devant ou derrière. Formidable!

Belly Bedaine Kangarooo Sweater review -

Le chandail Kangarooo de portage par Belly Bedaine est parfait pour TOUTES les saisons! Fabriqué d’un tricot jersey maillé serré, ce chandail est chaud mais respirant le rendant idéal pour être active à l’extérieur. C’est parfait tout seul pendant le printemps et l’automne et superbe pour les matins frais et le feu de camps pendant l’été. Pendant l’été, c’est un épaisseur excellent sous un manteau. Le mien a déjà vu du vent et de la neige et je me plaignais pas. Un matin particulièrement froid, j’ai mis un t-shirt à manches longues sous le chandail sans créer de volume supplémentaire. C’est léger, monté mais pas serré et très confortable à porter. En outre, mon petit ne grognait pas alors je pense qu’il l’aime aussi! Bien, en étant honnête, il a grogné un tout petit peu parce que j’avais de la difficulté les premières fois que j’ai porté le chandail et il était laissé noyé en chandail pur un moment. Mais après ça, j’ai trouvé cette vidéo d’instruction et c’était plus facile!

La vedette: le chandail Kangarooo de portage par Belly Bedaine avec…

Belly Bedaine Kangarooo Sweater review -

  1. Un capot-cou lâche
  2. Une corde pour serrer l’ouverture afin de garder le bébé chaud ou porter le chandail sans bébé
  3. Une pochette pour garder les mains au chaud
  4. Un ceinture large et un chandail long – idéal pour porter avec des leggings!
  5. L’ouverture pour la tête du bébé
  6. Le tissu plissé pour accommoder à une grande bedaine ou un bébé dans un porte-bébé
  7. Fermeture à glissière latérale pour la facilité de le mettre et de l’enlever

Ce que j’aime de mon chandail Kangarooo de portage par Belly Bedaine :

  • C’est très polyvalent! Maternité, allaitement, portage de bébé (devant et derrière) et tout seule: ça c’est comment vous pouvez utiliser ce chandail. Ça veut dire que du moment où vous apprenez que vous êtes enceinte jusqu’au moment que votre dernier enfant est trop grand d’être porter, vous pouvez utiliser ce chandail. C’est vrai pour combien d’autres vêtements? Je ne peut pas en penser d’un!
  • C’est unisexe! C’est une fonctionne très pratique pour les couples de la même taille et vous avez besoin de seulement un chandail. Mais c’est très pratique aussi pour les hommes parce qu’il y a une grande manque de vêtements de portage pour les papas. Bookworm aime BEAUCOUP porter notre enfant et ce chandail rendrait l’action de porter notre enfant plus confortable pour les deux.
  • C’est léger et respirant! Ce point est très important pour faire de la randonnée et aussi pour la vie quotidienne. C’est mince et peut être un épaisseur en dessous ou en dessus selon besoin. De plus, ce chandail sèche vite! Je l’aime beaucoup pour faire de la randonnée, chez nous et dans la nature sauvage.
  • Cela vous va bien! C’est très confortable et assez lâché de ne pas empêcher mais assez serré de vous garder chaud et à la mode!
  • Il y a de la valeur incroyable pour le prix! Le prix moyen d’un chandail est envers 50 $ et ce n’est rien de spéciale. Pour 84 $ vous pouvez acheter ce chandail polyvalent et partageable qui vous dure pendant plusieurs étapes de la parentalité.
  • C’est fait entièrement au Québec! J’aime vraiment des choses faites au Canada! Et chaque aspect du chandail Kangarooo de portage par Belly Bedaine est fabriqué au Québec!

Ce que je changerais si possible:

  • C’est seulement disponible en deux couleurs. Gris et noir. C’est plus neutre comme ça – mais j’adore les mauves, les sarcelles et les verts!
  • La corde ne peut pas être attachée. C’est utile d’être capable de serrer l’ouverture mais sans la nouer, c’est impossible d’attacher la corde. J’aimerais voir une type de bascule sur la corde.
  • Il n’y a pas accès facile au bébé. Il y a pas de petites poches qui pour accéder au bébé afin d’ajuster le porte-bébé ou chatouiller ton petit singe. Ce n’est pas la fin du monde, particulièrement avec un bébé plus grand et sur le dos, mais avec un nouveau-né j’aimerais avoir cet accès.
  • Le capot-cou est trop petit. Quand il fait frais, j’aime porter les écharpes et les cache-cou et j’étais tellement excitée pour le capot-cou sur ce chandail. J’était déçue de découvrir que c’est petit et lâché. Étant un petit peu plus long ou avec une corde pour le serrer, il serait parfait!

Belly Bedaine Kangarooo Sweater review -

Si vous voulez changer voter vie avec un de ces chandails magnifique, vous avez quelques options. Vous pouvez magasiner sur le site de Belly Bedaine. Ou vous pouvez feuilleter la grande liste de points de ventes et l’acheter quelque part près de chez vous. Mais si vous n’êtes pas prêts à en acheter un ou si vous vous sentez chanceux, je fais un concours sur Facebook et vous pouvez gagner ce chandail! Voir les détails en dessous.

Belly Bedaine Kangarooo Sweater review -

Pour entrer le concours, allez visiter ma page de Facebook MAIS avant de partir…une option pour augmenter vos chances de gagner est de me laisser une commentaire ici avec ce que vous aimez du chandail Kangarooo de portage par Belly Bedaine. Alors, faites ça puis vous pouvez visiter la page Facebook de Maman on the Trail.

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70 thoughts on “Belly Bedaine Kangarooo Sweater Review {English/français}

  1. Andrea l bellefeuille

    I think this sweater would be awesome to be able to wear in the fall winter… I love how it has 2 ways to wear it and keeps baby warm

  2. Rekha

    What a great review! In depth and with great suggestions. I really like gender neutral products so I don’t need different ones for myself and my husband. Also love that you’re in K-town and the product is Canadian. It would really help people like me to get out in the trail as it would eliminate one of the barriers to getting out there.

  3. Kari Barone

    I love the style of this babywearing sweater, the cowl neck really makes it trendy. What I like best about this babywearing must have is that it is wearable through many stages. A must have in my opinion is the back carry option.It also looks amazingly comfortable.Thanks for this in-depth honest review.

  4. Allison

    I love that it’s unisex seems my husband wears our little guy lots too. Anything that can make life easier for us and baby is a win in my book so this looks great.

  5. Pascale C Dufresne

    I really like The idea! I’d really like too try this sweater! And also, Belly Bedaine is local, love it!!!

  6. Jen H

    Love this design!! I know this is canada only but we so need this in the US! the zipper is an awesome feature and it actually looks cute as just a regular sweater!

  7. Eve

    Thank you for the review. I have the M coat for winter but I need something for spring/fall and I think I am going to try this. I love baby wearing while hiking or walking the dog, the less restrictions of where I can go the better!

  8. Linda

    What a great review! I love how honest you are about everything and how detailed it was. I have always been curious about these baby-wearing sweaters and love love love that these come in tall sizes. We hike every weekend here in Calgary… And I know.. It’s shocking I don’t own one of these or anything like it! I always just layered up etc… However this would make life so much easier as it will be way less bulky. Thanks for your honest review and making it so detailed!

  9. Treen Goodwin

    I love the fact that its unisex , great for mom and dad 🙂 so awesome thanks for the the awesome review 🙂

  10. Melissa j Gravel

    Oh gosh I need this in my life!! Winter is on it’s way and we are honestly walking everywhere! This would be something we would use for everyday use!!

  11. Ruth

    I love that you can wear baby either on the front or back. This makes the sweater so much more versatile than other baby-wearing sweaters. Plus it is super-warm!

  12. Shannon

    Love the versatility–especially that it is unisex and that you can wear it through so many different stages of pregnancy/baby-wearing/sans-baby, etc.

  13. Angela Landskron

    What an interesting piece of clothing. It wasn’t until recently that I knew that babywearing coats and sweaters were even a thing : )

  14. Asia

    I LOVE that its Canadian!

    Also, #2 & #7, because a warm baby is a happy baby, and if there were no zippers to make it easier to put on over babe, we’d likely have a crying babe.

  15. Brittany Uhrig

    What I like best about this sweater is how EASY and FUNCTIONAL it is! I asked my babywearing guru friend for her input on what babywearing sweater to get and she raved about this one, and let me try hers on. I would LOVE to get my hands on one 🙂

  16. Molly

    This sweater sounds amazing! I love how versatile it is for baby wearing and for wearing when pregnant. Most of my pregnancy clothes don’t have a use post-birth. Thanks for the great review!

  17. Kate Humphrys

    I don’t have anything like this – last winter we were all about baby in the Chariot where she could be cozied up warm. But she is much more interested in seeing the world these days, and I would love the option of having a sweater. I think what I like best is that it’s nice enough to wear when it’s just you without baby!

  18. Amber Stubbs

    I like the fact that you can wear the Belly Bedaine Maternity & Babywearing Kangaroo Sweater with or without wearing your babe..I also like the fact that it comes in the color Black..I like that their are many diffwrent ways that this Babywearing Jacket, I really like that Daddy’s, Uncles & Grandpa’s cab wear this as well..I especially love knowing that this Belly Bedaine Maternity & Babywearing Kangaroo Sweater is quite Affordable, and that it’s Made in CANADA!

  19. Wendy

    I love that it can be used for either front or back carrying and that it is lightweight & breathable. The fact that it is made in Canada is a great bonus and the price is reasonable.

  20. Shimmer Kleen

    I like the wide waistband and long sweater feature as it will be perfect for the winters to wear with leggings…

  21. Viv Sluys

    I really like that this sweater is light and breathable. As you said, that is so important when out hiking! I also think it is great that it is unisex. My husband wears our current baby more than he ever wore the older 3 so I am more interested in things he can wear too this time around.

  22. Crain Brennan

    I appreciate the ruching on the hoodie which would fit my wife when she is pregnant and after the baby is born! She is also quite tall so the long lebgth is great. This would be the perfect gift for her

  23. Hannah Bueckert

    I like that it is lightweight and breathable. Its easy to get warm when baby wearing and the less bulk the better 🙂

  24. Mary Foster

    I like that this sweater seems so light and airy! Sometimes babywearing makes us sweaty and a light sweater when it’s cooler would be awesome!

  25. Natalie Christine

    What do I love most about this sweater?? I love how versatile it is because it can be worn with or without your baby! I also love how there is a pocket for your hands because my hands are always FREEZING! I have been looking for a simple, classic babywearing hoodie for a while and this would be perfect!

  26. Cheryll

    I really love the idea of the drawstring to cinch the opening when baby isn’t in there. Its too bad that it doesn’t secure but I still love that its there. The baby wearing sweater I have doesn’t have that option and I find it awkward to wear without baby!

  27. Tanner

    I love the versatility of this sweater. I am looking for something we can use for both front and back carry’s and this would work wonderfully!

  28. Katie Atkins

    You look great in this belly bedaine! I love jay it’s unisex so both my husband and I can use it, and how it’s stylish looking as well!

  29. Elishia Cowell

    This is great! Its hard staying warm enough for back carrys without being too bulky for the carrier to fit well.


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