Lil Helper Charcoal Diaper & Change Mat Review

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Lil Helper Cloth Diaper Review -

I received these items at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own. 

In case you haven’t already noticed, we use cloth diapers. Some folks think that cloth diapers and the backcountry don’t mix. Well, that just isn’t the case! We have already proven that camping with cloth diapers is possible, and I’m here today to tell you that hiking with cloth diapers is just as easy, if not even easier. And a big factor in the ease of such an endeavour is having a good bulletproof diaper, like the Lil Helper Charcoal Diaper. Paired with the Lil Helper Charcoal Change Mat, you have yourself just about everything you need to change a diaper anytime, any place.

Lil Helper Cloth Diaper Review -

The Lil Helper Charcoal Diaper is not only super cute (I mean, look at that print!), easy to use (it functions like an all-in-one) and leak-proof (seriously, this thing is designed by engineers) but it is also wider than most cloth diapers making it ideal for long rides in a carrier. It fits snugly around Huckleberry’s thunder thighs, is trim enough to fit under his many layers, and doesn’t budge or bunch or pinch. It may just be our new short hike diaper solution, especially now that Huckleberry is bigger and our old favourite combo doesn’t work together anymore.

The Lil Helper Charcoal Change Mat is made with the same absorbent charcoal and leak-proof PUL, packs small and yet is large enough that almost Huckleberry’s entire body fits on it for a diaper change. One thing you learn very quickly about changing diapers in the woods, is that there won’t always be a picnic table just where you need it and the ground is the next best place. I am perfectly happy to change a diaper on the ground when I’ve got the Lil Helper Charcoal Change Mat helping me get the job done.

Lil Helper Cloth Diaper Review -

You might be asking, why charcoal? Isn’t that for the BBQ? Well, Lil Helper uses charcoal in their diapers, change mats and crib pads because it is:

  • Stay Dry
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Naturally Deodorizing
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Dark (so you won’t see stains!)

The Stars of the Show: Lil Helper Charcoal Diaper & Change Mat featuring…

Lil Helper Cloth Diaper Review -

  1. Three snaps to secure diaper: 2 at the waist and 1 at the legs (with option to overlap on wee babes).
  2. Elastic between the waterproof and micro-fleece layers to contain messes without digging in.
  3. Two sets of rise snaps to create “newborn”, “small” and “large” sizes.
  4. Leg snaps to get that perfect fit around anything from thunder thighs to chicken legs.
  5. More elastic sandwiched between the waterproof and micro-fleece layers to contain messes.
  6. Completely waterproof PUL outer shell.
  7. Waist snaps to get that perfect fit around your babe’s belly.

Lil Helper Cloth Diaper Review -

  1. Large and small charcoal inserts (both included with diaper shell) with 4 layers of absorbency each (charcoal + micro-terry + micro-terry + charcoal).
  2. Snaps to secure inserts to each other and to the shell.
  3. Micro-fleece inner layer.

Lil Helper Cloth Diaper Review -

  1. Hook to hang change mat.
  2. Medical-grade waterproof layer that is phthalate, BPA and lead and heavy metal free and guaranteed to last through 200 washes. It is manufactured in Canada and can go in the dryer!
  3. Super soft and absorbent stay-dry charcoal layer.

What we love about our Lil Helper Charcoal Diaper & Change Mat:

The diaper…

  • It is absorbent but not bulky! The diaper comes with 2 inserts (one large and one small) that when combined, provide 8 layers of awesome absorbency. But these 8 layers don’t add bulk or weight to the diaper, so it fits well under clothes.
  • It is leak-proof! The outer waterproof layer is paired with a water-resistant microfleece layer stands firm with a “Thou shalt not pass” mentality towards all things wet. This means that your baby, your back (or front) and your carrier stay dry on hikes!
  • It is one-size and fits from 7-35lbs! The adjustable rise on this diaper allows newborns and toddlers alike to get a great fit. Also, with the two different insert sizes, you can still snap in the size you need without extra bulk.
  • It has two sets of snaps! You can adjust the fit around the waist separately from the thighs, which is great for babies who are disproportionate in those areas with chunky thighs or chicken legs.
  • It has a wide crotch! This may not be a selling point for everyone, but we LOVE this feature! Other narrower diapers get bunched up, leak, shift and generally don’t work well on our big boy, but this diaper is perfect! Perfect for getting full coverage and leak protection while romping around or riding in a carrier.
  • It works like an AIO but is an AI2! Both inserts attach with snaps (plural!) so that this diaper works like an all-in-one, easy peasy lemon squeezy! And the inserts don’t shift no matter how squirmy your baby is! However, this diaper is in fact an all-in-two, which means you can remove the dirty inserts and reuse the shell. According to Lil Helper, less laundry = more daytime TV, ha ha.
  • It comes in cute prints! And let’s be honest, most of us are into cloth diapers for the cuteness factor, right? I mean yes, they are great for the environment, and your wallet, blah blah blah. But they are so freakin’ adorable! Lil Helper Charcoal Diapers come in 8 solid colours and 9 fun prints, like giraffes, bears, retro bikes and hearts!
  • The charcoal is naturally wicking! This means that you don’t need a stay-dry liner. The less we have to bring along with us, the better!
  • The charcoal is a dark colour! No need to worry about stains! Enough said.

The change mat…

  • It is large! At 34×36″, we can fit most of Huckleberry on this mat.
  • But it packs small! Despite its large size, it is not bulky and folds well to fit into our wet bag while hiking. It’s also super lightweight!
  • It is leak-proof! It is lined with medical-grade waterproof material that can withstand 200 washes and still be waterproof! How cool is that?
  • The charcoal is a dark colour! No need to worry about stains! Enough said.

The brand…

  • Lil Helper is a Canadian brand! You all know how much I love Canadian brands! Lil Helper is out of Toronto and they make everything but their cloth diapers right there in Ontario’s capital!
  • Lil Helper gives back! For every 3 diapers you purchase, Lil Helper donates a brand new cloth diaper to a family in need through their Baby Do Good program.

What we would change if we could:

  • The diaper sits quite low. There’s no crack hanging out, but the low-rise fit of this diaper makes me wonder if it really will fit until Huckleberry weighs 35 pounds. He weighs 25 right now, and we have all of the rise snaps unsnapped so there’s no room to grow that way. Only time will tell…
  • The diapers are not made in Canada. Everything else is made in Toronto, but the diapers are made in China. You can read more about that here.

Lil Helper Cloth Diaper Review -

So you want to get your hands on some of these incredible cloth diapering products designs by rocket scientists? Well, you have a few options! You can head to their website and buy all the diapers online; they have some pretty great perks for new customers, plus shipping discounts and such. Or you can check out their list of retailers and support someone local to you. Wherever you choose to buy your diapers, know that Lil Helper guarantees their diapers. And in light of it being Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, I’d like to also mention that Lil Helper has a “God forbid guarantee” wherein they will refund your entire purchase if something unexpected were to happen. Support this incredible brand and they will support you right back. Brands like this make me proud to be Canadian.

Lil Helper Cloth Diaper Review -

Have you tried Lil Helper Charcoal Cloth Diapers? What do you think of them? Tell me in the comment section below!

8 thoughts on “Lil Helper Charcoal Diaper & Change Mat Review

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  2. Nancy Conrad

    Hi, This is a complete review of clothing diaper. I also use cloth diapers for my baby. I think it is too comfortable and also helpful for money saving. Hope so you also agree with me.

    1. Monica Post author

      This is one of the few one-size diapers we have retired at 28lbs. We love how wide they are but a little bit of crack started to hang out, lol. Definitely can’t wait to use them again on our next Trail Baby, but yeah, quite low-rise in comparison to other brands.

  3. Amber Ludwig

    They sound awesome!! I love the absorbency!! I love the big size of the mat too!! I love how you highlighted all the features with numbers 🙂 So much easier to understand everything!!

  4. Angela Landskron

    I love that this company gives back to families in need by donating to the Baby Do Good program and the charcoal is a really neat feature!

  5. Miss G

    Thank you for introducing me to Lil Helper! I’m a bit ashamed that as a cloth diapering Canadian I haven’t heard of them. I love the features of the change mat; a waterproof layer that’s also dryer safe is good in my books!


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