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Litsie Creations Reusable Snack Bags -

I received these items at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own. 

In celebration of Earth Day, I wrote a list of everything green that we’re doing, and ways that we can improve by next year. On the list of improvements, I noted that I would like to start using reusable snack bags. With the amount of lunches we pack for ourselves for school and hiking, we can go through a lot of plastic snack and sandwich bags. We try to use containers when we can, but they don’t always pack well. I saw this excessive use of plastic as a problem that we could tackle, and we have started to do just that.

We have acquired two reusable snacks bags from Litsie Creations and we are wondering why we didn’t make this change sooner! First of all, they are so cute! But also, we’ve only used our Litsie Creations snack bags 3 times and have already saved using 9 plastic bags! With the larger snack bag, we can transport both of our sandwiches onto the trail for a picnic lunch. And the smaller snack bag accommodates some cut up veggies or apple slices or other small snacks. Once we’re back at home, we give them a quick rinse or wash the bags with our dishes or laundry. And then we use them again! Because we can.

Litsie Creations Reusable Snack Bags -

We have also found several other uses for them beyond packing our lunch to-go. The small snack bag by Litsie Creations is the perfect size for pre-moistened cloth wipes, cloth pads or a menstrual cup, cell phone and keys, and more! And the large snack bag is great as a reusable trash bag on the trail, a single diaper change, toiletries and so on. Litsie Creations also makes 2 different sized wet bags, coordinated bibs, and baby quilts.

The Star of the Show: Litsie Creations Snacks Bags featuring…

Litsie Creations Reusable Snack Bags -

  1. Durable and quiet zipper closure
  2. High quality 100% cotton designer fabrics, with some bags having an organic cotton option
  3. The inside is line with water resistant ProCare or ProSoft fabric, which is a food-safe, lead-free, BPA free, phthalate free fabric
  4. All seams are double stitched for leak-prevention and durability

What we love about our Litsie Creations Snacks Bags:

  • They are eco-friendly! Any quality-made reusable product is eco-friendly by design. But Listsie Creations goes a step further and offer organic cotton as a fabric option as well.
  • They are wallet-friendly! At only $8 CAD for the small bag and $10 CAD for the large bag, you can get all of the bags you’ll need for a good lunch for just over $30. And in terms of savings, if you were to use 4 sandwich or snack bags in your lunch every day, 5 days a week, for an entire year, you would use 1,040 plastic bags. For a package of 100 off-brand sandwich bags, you will spend $3.29, which means over the course of a year you will spend $40 (including tax) on plastic that goes into the trash or recycling afterwards. So, in less than a year, these snack bags will have paid for themselves and diverted plastic from landfills.
  • They come in two great sizes! The small size measures 6.5 x 4.5 inches, and is a great for smaller snacks like apple slices, snap peas, pepperettes, nuts, etc. The large size measure 7.5 x 7.5 inches, and is ideal for sandwiches, a pile of cut up veggies, and more. We can actually fit both of our sandwiches into the large bag.
  • They close with a zipper! This makes them easy for kids to use and less likely to spill. This closure is also quiet and durable, unlike snaps or Velcro.
  • They are water resistant! The interior of the snack bags are lined with either water resistant ProCare or ProSoft fabric, which is a food-safe, lead-free, BPA free, phthalate free fabric. ProCare and ProSoft meet FDA and CPSC requirements. This means you can put some sloppier snacks in there and not worry about leakage.
  • They are versatile! You can use them for way more than just snacks! Go Green Baby has a great post about 10 ways to use reusable snack bags. Get creative!
  • They come in fun prints! And un is totally a quality you look for in a sandwich bag, am I right? Flowers, foxes, foliage, oh and superheroes and dinosaurs!
  • They are easy to clean! Like any wet bag, they can be thrown in the wash. But you can also wipe them clean or hand wash them with your dishes. Hanging them to dry is the best way to make them last.
  • Litsie Creations is local to us! Susan lives in Sydenham, which is about 20 minutes north of Kingston and we drive through that small town every time we head to Frontenac Provincial Park, which is every weekend right now.

What we would change if we could:

  • Nothing. Can I say that on two reviews in a row? According to Trail Dad, “They’re snack bags, what’s not to like?” But seriously, they do the job and they do it well. We’ll be grabbing a few more to round out our collection and reduce our plastic use even more.

Litsie Creations Reusable Snack Bags -

If you want to jump on the litter-free lunch bandwagon, you can grab your Litsie Creations reusable snack bags from their Etsy Shop or any of their local stockists. Or, you can try to win a set below!

What will you put in your Litsie Creations reusable snack bag?

Litsie Creations Reusable Snack Bags -

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Litsie Creations Reusable Snack Bags -

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  3. Amanda H

    We often make our own kid friendly trail mix with raisins, cereal, pretzels (alphabet ones provide extra entertainment) or popcorn. These would be perfect.

  4. shannon fowler

    i hate throwing away plastic snack bags. it feels like such a waste. id use it for cereal, sandwiches, pretzels, veggies, etc. they really could carry most everything you’d ever want to pack


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